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Thank you Al Jazzera and Russia Today, Fk off CNN   [Copy link] 中文

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xuerengui Post time: 2012-11-28 22:16
CNN certainly doesn't report it. And no, very few people know about it because of the Western media ...

Well, if the Western media is trying to censor Japan's past like you say, they aren't doing a very good job of it. Everybody here knows about it.

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When you say everybody, you mean yourself who is interested in China enough to write in China Daily forum, or someone with a bachelor degree in modern history.

When I say everybody, I mean an average person on the street, who only source of history knowledge comes from the 6pm news.  And believe me, if I survey my non Chinese friends, and I have, most of them think WWII was about USA vs Nazi, and that is because the bulk of the Western mass media has been focusing on it for the last few decades.  Japan is a nice little place that makes Playstations for them and may be Anime.  China is the place where there is one child policy and no freedom.  And they think that because that is what their 6pm news tell them day in and day out.

And I know about Nanjing Massacre, not because I have ever lived in China or manipulated by any communist government as you call it.  My grandparents directly experienced it.

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And Al. Jazeera  accuses China   of siding with Assad and helping Assad to kill 40,000 people in Syria.
I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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This post was edited by honkam at 2012-11-29 02:43

This was posted by an American, Tolerant Liberal

Many of those more liberally inclined justifiable   accuse Fox News of misinformation and extreme bias. The Jon Stewart Comedy Central video below shows the extent of Fox News bias. Sadly it is a disservice to every American to concentrate on Fox News and not on all of mainstream media.

It is true that Fox News misrepresented President Obama’s statement where he was stating that no one builds a business all by themselves given that society has provided the infrastructure and education to have made that business successful. It is also true that NBC misrepresented tapes of calls to 911 made by George Zimmerman just before he killed Trayvon Martin. ABC misrepresented the Aurora Colorado killer James Holmes as a member of the TEA Party. CNN and Fox News erroneously stated that the Supreme Court overturned the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

While NBC took appropriate actions by firing those involved, ABC provided an immediate apology, CNN provided an immediate correction and apology, Fox News not only continued the misrepresentation but further built stories around both fallacies. Is it any wonder that American confidence in television news is at an all time low?

These issues should not just be dismissed. They have consequences. While it should never be the case, many depend on the mainstream media as their only source of information. Those that are not savvy enough to take all the information with a grain of salt and do appropriate fact checking from several other sources are then easily misled.

During the healthcare debate, the lies and misinformation for all practical purposes were treated as just different sides or as a simple ideological debate. This gave plausibility to many Republican arguments that were morally wrong. The same can be said for the DREAM Act debate, the deficit debate, the tax debate, and many other issues.

One knows that the mainstream media is on its way to irrelevance when comedians on Comedy Central present better analysis on the political discourse than they do. Sadly mainstream media currently have more eyeballs and as such have a bigger impact on Americans.

The failure of mainstream media is partially responsible for the state of our politics. They have caused middle class Americans to vote against their own interest by ignoring news, misrepresenting news, and being used by politicians to put their false messaging out.

Is it  important then, that all American's do their own research on issues that matter?. For those who have some time you must be the media providing the information to those you network with, those in your circle of influence.

Now this article shows that not all Americans are dumb.

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honkam Post time: 2012-11-29 02:30
This was posted by an American, Tolerant Liberal

Many of those more liberally inclined justifiable ...

Fox-Can-Lie Lawsuit
People frequently refer to a court case that Fox won, which essentially gives the media the right to lie. This came from an appellate court decision that states that the FCC’s news distortion policy does not qualify as a rule, law, or regulation.
From Wikipedia:
Jane Akre and her husband Steve Wilson are former employees of Fox owned-and-operated station WTVT in Tampa, Florida. In 1997, they were fired from the station after refusing to knowingly include false information in their report concerning the Monsanto Company’s production of RBGH, a drug designed to make cows produce more milk. They successfully sued under Florida’s whistle blower law and were awarded a US $425,000 settlement by jury decision. However, Fox appealed to an appellate court and won, after the court declared that the FCC policy against falsification that Fox violated was just a policy and not a “law, rule, or regulation”, and so the whistle blower law did not apply.
The court agreed with WTVT’s (Fox) argument “that the FCC’s policy against the intentional falsification of the news — which the FCC has called its “news distortion policy” — does not qualify as the required “law, rule, or regulation” under section 448.102.[...] Because the FCC’s news distortion policy is not a “law, rule, or regulation” under section 448.102, Akre has failed to state a claim under the whistle-blower’s statute.”[1]
In 2001, Jane Akre and her husband won the Goldman Environmental Prize as a recognition for their report on RBGH. [2]
In 2004, Fox filed a US$1.7 million counter-suit against Akre and Wilson for trial fees and costs. Akre and Wilson both appear in a major portion of the 2004/5 critical documentary, The Corporation.
In 2007 Jane became the editor-in-chief of the national news desk at[3]
Fox appealed and prevailed February 14, 2003 when an appeals court issued a ruling reversing the jury, accepting a defense argument that had been rejected by three other judges on at least six separate occasions…
The whistle-blowing journalists, twice refused Fox offers of big-money deals to keep quiet about what they knew, filed their landmark lawsuit April 2, 1998 and survived three Fox efforts to have their case summarily dismissed.  It is the first time journalists have used a whistleblower law to seek a legal remedy for being fired by for refusing to distort the news.   Steve and Jane are now considering an appeal to the Florida state Supreme Court.
Appellate Court Rules Media Can Legally Lie.
By Mike Gaddy. Published Feb. 28, 2003
The court did not dispute the heart of Akre’s claim, that Fox pressured her to broadcast a false story to protect the broadcaster from having to defend the truth in court, as well as suffer the ire of irate advertisers. Fox argued from the first, and failed on three separate occasions, in front of three different judges, to have the case tossed out on the grounds there is no hard, fast, and written rule against deliberate distortion of the news.
The attorneys for Fox, owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch, argued the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on the public airwaves.
In its six-page written decision, the Court of Appeals held that the Federal Communications Commission position against news distortion is only a “policy,” not a promulgated law, rule, or regulation. Fox aired a report after the ruling saying it was “totally vindicated” by the verdict.

There  you have it folks  as long as you know the rule of law , then you can spin any BULL SH1T


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Here is another instance of misrepresentation.

Photographer Stacy Kranitz has been traveling to Appalachia for a project called “Regression to the Mean,” in which she explores whether stereotypes accurately represent a place and its people. She said she was honored when someone from contacted her looking for photo stories and expressed interest in her project.

But then she saw the photo essay. As first published, it opened up with an image of a burning cross at a Klan rally, followed by a snake-handler at a Pentecostal church. The introduction stated that she had spent months exploring “the everyday lives of Appalachian people.”

Kranitz told Roger May, a documentary photographer and a self-described “proud Applachian” that CNN had chosen only the images that confirmed stereotypes of the region:

I feel ashamed and humiliated for trusting CNN. I am stunned that they would take my work out of context. …

I made clear to the editors at CNN that I was in the very early stages of the project and was not willing to make any claim that my work accurately reflected the Appalachian region. But they chose to make it sound as though that was exactly what I did.

I think people are rightfully angry. I am disgusted to see the words ”the everyday lives of Appalachian people” next to images of the KKK. That is a real insult to the region as is the reductive edit of my work and I understand why people are so offended by it.

CNN spokeswoman Erica Puntel said that had chosen 16 of the 33 images Kranitz submitted, and that someone from CNN called to listen to her concerns. Puntel said by email:

[Kranitz] said that she had received a large amount of negative feedback and was concerned. She also said that she felt that the edit of the photographs did not represent her work in the way she had intended.

After some discussion, we agreed with her point that some people could misconstrue what she was trying to convey, and therefore, we changed it.

Kranitz submitted a revised edit at the request of CNN Digital Director of Photography Simon Barnett, reordering the photos and switching out some of them. She removed one of the two KKK photos and one of a bikini contest, and she added images of a coal miner and a boy hanging on a rope in a swimming hole. (Having worked in West Virginia, I’m used to parrying outsiders’ perceptions of Appalachia.)

In a follow-up post, May notes that the photo essay got the most comments since a February photo essay of early photos of Lady Gaga. A recent comment on Kranitz’s images:

The artist and CNN present these pictures and claim they represent all of us in Appalachia. They go out of their way to find the most inflammatory, the most unflattering, the marginal, and then claim we are all like that. They condemn us for racism and backwardness and congratulate themselves on being so “enlightened,” without bothering to learn the truth. Isn’t that the definition of bigot?

One has to ask one self, why do they do this?

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seneca Post time: 2012-12-1 20:55
Hmmm, being inured to the reporting styles and norms of Chinese journalists I have to say the cont ...

yes seneca different rules different country, thats what makes the world interesting

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