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China says no concession on territorial sovereignty [Copy link] 中文

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Bandito Post time: 2012-10-27 17:02
why don't you and your fellow larrikin gather in a boat and attempt to take the Island, whilst dis ...

well Russians already did that Dildo.
In August 18–31, Soviet forces invaded the North and South Kurils. The entire Japanese civilian population of roughly 17,000 was expelled by 1946.
Between August 24 and September 4, 1945, the Eleventh Air Force of the United States Army Air Force sent two B-24s on reconnaissance missions over North Kuril Islands with intention to take photos of the Soviet occupation in the area. Soviet fighters intercepted and forced them away, a foretaste of the Cold war that lay ahead.
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Location of Kuril Islands in the Western Pacific.
Matua Island as seen from Raikoke.The Kuril Islands or Kurile Islands ( /ˈkʊərɪl/, /ˈkjʊərɪl/, or /kjʊˈriːl/; Russian: Кури́льские острова́, tr. Kuril'skie ostrova; IPA: [kʊˈrʲilʲskʲɪjə ɐstrɐˈva]; Japanese: Chishima rettō (千島列島?)), in Russia's Sakhalin Oblast region, form a volcanic archipelago that stretches approximately 1,300 km (810 mi) northeast from Hokkaido, Japan, to Kamchatka, Russia, separating the Sea of Okhotsk from the North Pacific Ocean. There are 56 islands and many more minor rocks. It consists of Greater Kuril Ridge and Lesser Kuril Ridge.[1] The total land area is about 15,600 square kilometres (6,000 sq mi)[2] and total population about 19,000.[3]

All of the islands are under the Russian jurisdiction, but Japan claims the two southernmost large islands (Iturup and Kunashir) as part of its territory, as well as Shikotan and the Habomai islets, which has led to the ongoing Kuril Islands dispute.

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Bandito Post time: 2012-10-27 17:02
why don't you and your fellow larrikin gather in a boat and attempt to take the Island, whilst dis ...

Main village in Shikotan

[url=][/url] [url=][/url]
The Kuril Islands, showing the de facto division between Japan and Russia over time.

Location of Kuril Islands in the Western Pacific.


been there done that mr Putin sez.

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Life is mostly froth and bubble, but two things stand like stone. Kindness in anothers trouble, and .courage in your own. Annon.

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© Photo: 3.0

China will make no concessions on the Diaoyu Islands, which are known in Japan as Senkaku.

This came in a statement by the Deputy Chinese Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun. He said China wanted to have friendly relations with all nations, including Japan, but pointed out that China should stick to its principles.

He further said that Japan should stop doing anything that would undermine China’s territorial sovereignty.

Relations between Beijing and Tokyo soured after the Japanese government had bought out the Diaoyu Islands from private owners.

The government in Beijing accused Japan of encroaching on China’s territorial sovereignty.

China to use force if Japan challenges its sovereignty

Beijing will make no concessions on its territorial sovereignty and will resort to forceful measures, including in regard to Japan, in response to any moves that challenge China’s territorial integrity, Xinhua news agency said citing a senior diplomat.

“We want to live in friendship with all countries including Japan, but we have to uphold our principles and bottom line,” Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun was quoted as saying at a news conference.

Earlier in the month, Tokyo lodged an official protest with Beijing after Chinese surveillance ships entered the territorial waters of disputed islands in the East China Sea.

“However, should anyone want to challenge China's bottom line on the issue of sovereignty, China will have no alternative but to respond forcefully so as to remove disturbance and obstacles and move steadily on the path of peaceful development,” the high-ranking Chinese diplomat added.

The relations between Japan and China have recently plummeted to their worst level in years over a chain of islands claimed by both countries.

Voice of Russia, RIA, TASS

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SMITHI Post time: 2012-10-28 02:29
well Russians already did that Dildo.
In August 18–31, Soviet forces invaded the North and Sout ...

Luckily unlike you, I live in the now whilst you live in 1872!

That was then and this is now, get your malcontents into a boat and attempt a re claiming. I remember Japan handing Russia a bloody nose before......
No, I live above Sunset Plaza, it's a little house I rent and it's a little rundown but has a beautiful view, what about you?

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This post was edited by Eudaimonia at 2012-10-30 02:34

Some people don't understand how the facts are. Here i'll help you understand...

As far as the Kuril islands the Russians thought that they could simply grab them by force as illustrated with pride (!) by Smithy, but the reality is that they'll probably have to give a few islands back to Japan if they want to ever actually resolve the issue. So, they're administered by the Russians now.

About Dokdo/Takeshima... noone cared for them and they were just used for fishing by both Koreans and Japanese people then Korea relatively recently decided that because they're valueable they should enhance their hold on the islands and made some buildings on them etc, and they're administered by Korea now. It's difficult for Japan to gain anything from this because of those moves done by Koreans.

Now on to Senkaku/diaoyudao... The only buildings on those islands are Japanese and they were from a factory made by Japan which ran for ~50 years. These Islands for the last ~110 years have been administered by Japan (or the U.S. which was administrating them for a while because Japan was too weak etc), the Chinese didn't give a flying fuck about them until the 70's when there was a study that showed that there might be oil etc in the area.

So, when they say that there's going to be no concesion while they administer nothing do the Chinese mean that they'll get nothing? :)  Funny article.

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Let Japan have all the islands: China can't do anything creative and unique with it anyway.  

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