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Everyone knows who the friends of the South Korean rightwingers are.  The rightwing Japanese.  So when a dozen of the South Korean activists managed to circumvent their government's barricade and float balloons laden with propaganda material that are meant to be scattered by the wind over North Korea, knowing full well that North Korea promised to shell the South Korean positions, it is clear that these rightwing activists do not really care about South Korean lives being lost unnecessarily due to their provocations.  They have a different boss than the South Korean people, and therefore, they march to a different tune.

North Korea should desist from shelling the South Korean positions because it will only hurt the innocent bystanders, as the culprits have long left the area, and are sitting comfortably in their sofas at home watching the TV for signs of North Korean shelling killing or wounding their fellow South Korean countrymen.

Do they enjoy the spectacle!

This rightwing false flag operation leading to the deaths and wounding of fellow South Koreans was designed to distract the Korean people, South and North, from their common need to defend themselves against their true invaders, the Japanese.  Instead, they are being made to kill each other over balloons and propaganda leaflets, of little consequence in reality.  When South Korea is at war with the North, the Japanese will then sneak up on Dokdo and take it over.  The South Korean government will then give in, on the pretext that it had no choice as it needed Japan's help to fight the North.  This dastardly plan should never be allowed to succeed.  It is easy for the North to show its displeasure without hurting a single South Korean soul, which is in fact what the balloons did, no loss of lives.  That is what diplomacy is all about.  China can help defuse the situation by offering the North a generous trade deal that alleviates the poverty of the North.  At once it is humanitarian and makes a statement that provocations only result in China's aid and support, even though it is of an economic character rather than of a military nature.

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We wish for nothing but peace and prosperity for all the Korean people.  Do not kill each other over the provocations of Japanese plants.  South Korea should in fact arrest these traitors to keep them from future acts of treason against their own people, on behalf of their Japanese bosses.

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North Korea needs to just leave South Korea alone and stop their constant war threatening.  What's next?

10/24/2012 Pyongyang, North Korea

Today, North Korea threatened a nuclear response to litter from South Korea blowing across into North Korea.  

"The DPRK will respond to any attack on our soil by the evil M&M wrappers that the zionist South Koreans continue to discard to insult our beloved leader!", says Kremeof Sum Yungguy.  "We will deal righteous fire to burn the heartless losers of litter with the full power of our loving leaders!"

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Oh well, Koreans are Koreans, they love a tough fight, so this will go on for a while.  Danger gets their hormones flowing.  

The Japanese know how to take advantage of their machismo and probably have bought off some of the most hardline members of both sides, who together will enact a Kabuki show, ending in Koreans killing Koreans, while the Japanese steal their islands, their lands, and of course, their women, as in 1895 and 1915.

North and South Korea should send envoys to Beijing to sort out their disputes, not their sons to the battlefield to wipe each other out while the Japanese are watching joyfully.

It is quite clear that Japan is forcing China to side with North Korea, so that it will alienate South Korea, which then will have to cave in to the Japanese demand for Dokdo, after which Japan will open a second front on the Korean Peninsula against China, separate from the first front in the East Sea.

This is why China is stupid not to offer Taiwan a deal whereby both sides can unite against Japan on Diaoyu, aid Taiwan in retaking it, and together face all the coming challenges to their mutually recognized sovereignty over the rest of the South China Sea.  China and Taiwan are still trying to outsmart each other when they would be taken to the cleaners by Japan pretty soon.  Stupid and inexcusable for both sides to still try to outmaneuver each other at this late, late hour.

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I believe you may be mistaken, Abram.  

A war is in no one's interest.  China is aiding NK because China does not want to deal with the refugees pouring across the border from NK in case of a war.

Japan is just being stupid to antagonize China.  But then again, China is being stupid as well, picking a fight 200 miles away from their borders over a stupid island that no one even lives on.  

I'm sure if China offers Japan enough money, they would sell.  Problem solved.  China is rich as heck, China probably could take the money out of petty cash to pay for the island.

Seriously, though, I'd say that sending diplomats to China would probably be a good idea to discuss the situation in a way that all sides could save face.

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