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What's the worst customer service you've had in China?   [Copy link] 中文

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commercial bank, government office...etc.

they make you feel that you owe their money.

why? IMHO, its bcoz those who do serviece jobs, like most labors, are underpaid, so they just work with anger i guess. and you cannot expect them to understand this is a social issue. if you work for 2 months and your pay is only capable of buying an iphone 5, you will not be happy too.
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customer service much better in the individual enterprise, compare with the state-owned business  rather then monopolized industry.....

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it is only 30years since the reform and these years our country developed very fast,but on the other hand,very extensively. so we often ignore some service while paying much more attention on products .
at the same time ,the huge population expands the problem of customer service.
so the busisses should promote theri awareness in service and invest more resourses to strengthen the quality.

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Well, I go to Postal bank of china every month in order to send some money back. I'd appreciate the service and courtesy the staff exhibits toward me. The officer at the western union counter speaks English and is VERY efficient. The old man at the door, the security officer is very polite and pleasing person. He always helps me when I need to use the cash machine to deposit money.

I am sure these people are nice in person.
On the other hand, I encounter a couple of nasty behaviors. This comes from some of the people who are running those private small stores in the streets. This lady who I used to go to buy minutes on my phone is rude, unprofessional and and a grumpy lass. She bears ' I don't care' kinda look on her face and tosses the change on the table instead of giving me in my hand. All the bills are crumpled and I just accepted it for a few times. I found a better one with a better attitude later in the same street.

Training is an important part in customer service. Being nicer is another. I am sure those rude people are living an unhappy life at home as well. Attitude matters! A smile means lots!{:soso_e100:} And of course one MUST be very professional when it comes to giving away the important forms to be filled in the case of a gentleman who had gone through lots of hassle owing to that ......headed flight attendant.

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Customer service is good, but after sales service is bad.  Good because they want you to buy their products or service.  Once you hand over the money to them then the politeness is over.  You dont get a refund or have to go around here and there.  The very same sales people who were at your feet will stand on your head.   I feel this is not their fault.  This is the management's policy.  They specially hire such kind of tricky staff who will first shower flowery talk and then turn away their head.

The management instructs them to do so.   Even though the sales person wants to help you, they cant because if the go out of their way to help, they may be kicked out of their jobs.

Last week i bought some furniture for my friend who wanted me to ship it overseas for him.   Two days earlier to the loading i informed all the suppliers on phone and also personally went there to inform them.  When the container reached 2 of the 5 suppliers denied that i mentioned them the delivery date and said now factory dont have car to arrange the goods.  If you want then you must pay 300 RMB and one said 260 RMB to bring the goods.  I had no choice because container had already reached.  

Banks and government offices dont want to polite becaue their jobs are secured.  But there are some customer service people in banks who are very good,  also telecom have some good people.

I must add that public utility services are quite good in China.  If the telephone is dead or the internet line is bad,  the repair service is pretty good as compared to many many countries.  We being such a large country this is exceptional.  Especially in cities like shenzhen, guangzhou etc,  not really know  abot other places.

if you can be happy with what you have, dont wait for more

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no ,on the contrary everybody had helped a lot and behaved in a nice way.
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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Overall my customer experience in China has been good, but I have 1 exception.
Taxi Driver's at the various airports I've had the pleasure of passing through on my travels in China.
^%$R# pack of lying crap eaters!
I will also state that Taxi Drivers at most of the airports throughout the world, i have been to, suffer from the same problem.

Don't argue with idiots! They will always win. First they drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience!
When the power of love, overtakes the love of power,  the world will have peace.

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