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Improve your spoken English: Total Immersion Method   [Copy link] 中文

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Practicing English with groups or with friends is not an Immersion methodologies .Immersion method is simply using the L1 (mother tongue ) to learn L2(second language ) so what you are talking about is not Immersion but group learning .
Its raining in Gz now just indoors

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Many good suggestion here,
The thing is, to learn any language quickly, or, should I say more quickly and thoroughly, you must use every opportunity to use that language, doing the things here as mentioned above.
Do not try to advance too quickly though, if you miss steps or do not master things, those thing will cause problems later.
As for reading, do not always pick classical literature, or novels Etc. that are too complicated. You may be an adult, but your English reading level may not be. You still have to learn all the things that native speaking children learn. Being able to pronounce words perfectly does not make you a good reader or speaker.
Reading and conversation are similar, in that you need to be able to express and intonate. and if you just read one word after another like a mechanical clock, it is very hard to understand and listen to,
reading and speaking needs style, rhythm and contextual order.
So, when you listen to others speaking, listen not just to the words and pronunciation, but to the rhythm, intonation and style of the speaker.
There are times when words are joined together when we speak them, such as, for example, in a becomes ina,  in a minute become ina minute. do it, becomes doit, and "it" is often over stated when people speak.
So, as before stated, listen to more than words, listen to everything, if you want to sound natural.
Once you develop a good reading style, you will remember and understand more of what you're reading, and you can even apply it to reading any language, even your own. The ability to read well and effectively can make a big difference.
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Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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Once here is a speaking environment, the methods to improving the oral expression are numerous.

To people who don't have such convenient conditons, more reading, listening, watching video program and then trying to judge the differences between A, B and C is quite a practical approach.

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consentrate is too much for me

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I concur with LoneAcorn.  Another good tip is to watch English speaking films - but try not to look at the sub-titles too much at the bottom of the screen.  I know it's difficult not to look at the sub-titles (I hear you shouting - but it doesn't matter - your brain is a wonderful organ and it will assist you by associating some of the sound you hear with the written Chinese - this can be helpful to a certain degree - but not to be used as an aid to learn English in its entirety).  In other words - do not use sub-titled films too much.

I know this idea works well as I have many Chinese friends who contribute to CD and some of them have never stepped foot out of China - but speak good English albeit with more often than not - an American accent.  So much for movies as an aid to learning.

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