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The Chinese People Must Directly Take Ownership of Their Beloved Diaoyutai. [Copy link] 中文

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Governments can be paralyzed by false choices, diplomatically, politically, militarily and economically, where all options are equally unpalatable, in the opinion of its analysts, and as such become victims to well-orchestrated traps.  In such a case, the government has no other choice but to rely on the intelligence, courage, and resourcefulness of its people, as China had to do during the second phase of the Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1937-1941) after suffering extreme paralysis due to internal divisions and defections by politicians and warlords to the Japanese (1931-1937).  In the case of Diaoyu falling into the hands of the Japanese for the past 40 years, the awakening of the Chinese people to their sovereign rights as a people have kept alive the hope of Diaoyu islands returning to their rightful ownership.  For four decades, since 1971, the Chinese people of all walks of life, from Taiwan and Hongkong have braved the waves and the beatings of the Japanese coast guards, to return year after year to their sovereign and sacred islands of Diaoyutai.  All the while, their governments were forced by political, economic and military circumstances to remain silent for the most part, due to undesirable consequences if they were to speak up or act.

Now, China is once again at the crossroads, where succumbing to the numbing effects of military, economic and diplomatic pressures from all sides begins to appear more desirable than waking up to a very difficult and painful struggle to save one of its limbs from being amputated and cast off to the Japanese for all posterity.

Once again, it devolves to every Chinese on both sides of the strait to take up the fight where their governments' hands may be tied.  It is time again for all the fishermen out there in Diaoyu's seas, and those yet to join them from the coasts of Mainland China, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan, to converge on Diaoyu and retake with their feet the land that their ancestors once stood proudly on, and wave with their hands, the flags of both governnments, not as partisans, but as their true masters.  Finally, the master of both sides of the strait, the Chinese people are coming home to Diaoyutai.  Let this be a getting together of both sides of the strait on the National Day of the Chinese Mainland on October 1, 2012.  Let the governments argue with each other without end, but let the people of China speak its final decision on Diaoyutai, which is really very simple, "I love Diaoyu's sands and waters.  Diaoyu is mine."  "我最愛的釣魚灘!"

Let the movement "I LOVE DIAOYU!" begin today.  Let us all give our love to Diaoyu -- a people's love is the strongest force on earth, let it shine!

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难忘 灿烂 谁会忘得了钓鱼滩
难忘 浩瀚 一浪一浪的奇谈
绝色 超凡 只会出现在钓鱼滩

一身 是胆 一起轰轰烈烈地干!

别问是爱 还是仇 都在涛涛里转弯
翻千番 拐千湾 你和我是不见不散。
无憾 无愁 我的最爱钓鱼滩
同步 滩头 和你好好地干一番!

(modified from 最爱上海滩)


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Kbay Post time: 2012-9-21 17:47
You are a true Chinese patriot Abraham!

Thank you, and so are you!!!

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Ta Han 711 entered Diaoyutai under protection of the ROC Coast Guard vessel and circled the main island several times before returning to Keelung port in north Taiwan, in the morning of September 21, 2012, completing its mission to proclaim the sovereignty of the Republic of China over the Diaoyu islands.  It unfurled the ROC flag and told the Japanese Coast Guard it is announcing that the islands belong to the Republic of China.  Unlike in the past, the Japanese Coast Guard did not dare ram the much smaller Taiwanese ship, which sailed within China's sovereign territory of Diaoyutai, under the watchful eyes of the Republic of China coast guard, and farther way, under the watchful eyes of the People's Republic of China's marine surveillance vessels.

The intransigence of the Japanese rightwing government has made it impossible for the Chinese people to assert their sovereignty except by sailing to Diaoyutai to show the world that Diaoyutai belongs to them.  Their love for Diaoyutai is such that no military power can overcome their willingness to die for their beloved motherland.  The Japanese invaders, armed with superior weapons, were powerless against the will of the Chinese people, and their love for their very own Diaoyu islands.

I {:soso_e166:} Diaoyu!     You {:soso_e166:} Diaoyu!     We all {:soso_e166:} Diaoyu together!

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Kbay Post time: 2012-9-21 17:47
You are a true Chinese patriot Abraham!


China need more of the kind

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We should land some Chinese soldiers on Diao Yu,  that would force the Chinese leaders to increase military spending in order to confront the fascist Japanese leaders.

The majority of the Japanese people are probably quite peaceful,   it is only the extreme fascist nationalist leaders who are to blame.  They should be overthrown by the Japanese people.

Eventually,  with the establishment of the East Asia community between Japan, China and Korea,  we will all have one common currency and one common passport,  like the European Union.

The Diao Yu will become the common property of all the citizens of the East Asia Union,  the Japanese, the Chinese and the Koreans ( including the Taiwanese ).

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