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Chinese landing on Diaoyu island hurted China? [Copy link] 中文

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so i go to my house and it hurts me

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blu535 Post time: 2012-8-31 04:58

What about oxygen levels in the atmosphere? I repeat. Without a decent amount of it, we will all die. Including Chinese.

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468259058 Post time: 2012-8-29 10:54
The article was published in a Japan's media and copied by a China's media.

It was written by a ma ...

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liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-31 21:38
There's hundreds of thousands Chinese in Beijing, Yunnan, Henan etc etc who cam back from overseas countries like Vietnam, Malaysia Thailand etc etc. Most of them received higher education, even made it to the college.
So, if you want to spread lies, make sure there's no one to reveal your ridiculous statement.

China ForumForumNews TalkChina WatchChinese landing on Diaoyu island hurted China?
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-29 22:02
For alien spy troll like you, installing puppet regime obedient to your thug master will be considered "loving China"?

China ForumForumNews TalkChina Watch3 killed, 5 injured after bridge collapses in NE Chi ...
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-25 11:04
Your country will also use traffic issue to instigate people's anger and destabilize China?
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-29 21:40
Mr. Ghost,
That phone number guy is not interested in ANY topic related to China. He only interested in exploting any social issues to attack the present system and instigate people's anger. Only that kind of provocator that will misleadingly translate Chinese news.
So? why you defend him?

China ForumForumNews TalkChina Watch17 leaders in a department of local government
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-25 11:07
Simple, hostile foreign countries sent their provocators and terrorists to destabilize China.
You are one.
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-25 11:39
Government just need more counter-espionage team to work in this BBS.
They should track trolls like you and bust your whole gang.

China ForumForumNews TalkChina WatchHow difficult not to be a corrupted official in Chin ...
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-24 19:16
Then when will your country contacted the "traitors" to start chaos in China?
Btw, you have specific time agenda to start a rebellion in China?
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-25 11:22
He's indeed a foreigner pretending as a Chinese.
But he's well trained to exploit China's social issue and spread it here in an English forum.
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-25 11:24
I think you're more than excted to see corruption in China, thus you may step into next stage of your mission, to instigate public anger and destabilize China.
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-25 11:34
Those are news agency. You are troll.
Both has different mission.
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-25 11:36
Those are news agency. You are troll.
Both has different mission.
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-25 11:37
Those 3 are news media. You are a troll.
Certainly has different mission

China ForumForumNews TalkChina WatchChildren's Protest for Geting Back Parents' Wages
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-17 20:01
Brilliant choice of social issue!
Your thugmaster should be proud of you.
Btw, they pay you well?

China ForumForumNews TalkChina Watch"Righteous" Thieves: Stealing only from Party and Go ...
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-16 19:17
Western terrorists, provocators and fake chauvinist-Chinese are so excited to read this kind of joke.
But, what's new?
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-17 12:49
I know, you and your thugmaster support thieves, bandits and terrorists operating in China, as a part of your agenda to destabilize this country.
Btw, they pay you well?
liuyedao Post time: 2012-8-17 19:57
I don't know.
But I do know that you're trying to recruit some of them, as a part to destabilize China.
Same as how you try to add me as friend when you realized I'm here to reveal your dirty work.

our life is full of sunshine

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We Chinese are much stronger than before!! Little Japanese, mind your head.

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