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Jesus In Beijing 2 : David Aikman's second interview ( Christianity's evil desig [Copy link] 中文

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teachers being suspect

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there you go, guys


I really don't want to say more than I need to.  

I have seen too much as an insider in christian churches to have any faith that they will ever abandon their sinister designs in China.

Christianity is not a religion any more.  It started with a Big Lie for the poor people who became suckers to the idea of Heaven and Hell.  It now continues on in China as the largest suction pump for philanthropic money.  Soon if not already you will have 800 numbers in cable TV in China soliciting money for Western churches to 'feed hungry African children.'


Old friend you are always a step ahead of me.  I have yet to hear that one!

But that's really not that strange once you get to think about it a little more.

The same argument has been raging in the States for decades.  They have simply moved the battlefield to China.

I am not worried about these outlandish claims.  

You of course know that the real danger is in the subversive activities of people like the Pope talking about 'democracy and freedom' in support of people like Martin Lee in HKSAR.

They are laying the foundation for future sedition on the mainland.and few mainlanders realize it.

When I was attending Catholic school in TsimshatsuiDistrict in Kowloon the sisters always looked so kind and warm-hearted.  I remember that they always distributed bags of flour to needy students.  That's why I believe I can even now say more Catholic prayers than any of you guys.

The panoramic view is always so different from the view of a child in one elementary school.

Amazing what education can do for you.  Isn't it?

Especially self-education.

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Chicken Soup for the Damned Soul

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You are on the mark!

gtnbia is right about Roman Catholicism.

He knows his stuff.

I am not surprsed they are in Vietnam.  Remember that the South Vietnamese government used to be Catholic.

Madame Ngu (wife of president Ngu Dinh Diem who was assassinated by the CIA in 1963)  used to say let the self-imolating Buddhist monks 'barbacue themselves.'  

She was the most famous (I wouldn't use the word "notorious to glorify her)  Catholic in her day.

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The english teacher from the street

i was english teacher when i travel to China in fujian province. I was born in Laos but i moved to America when i was 12 years old. Me and the Chinese guy who from new york  I went to get a job in menjiang school  and we had learn that the chinese in that school  treat the white teacher better than us, even that they don't speak english very well but, because they  just got white face and blue eyes.

wegot pay   only 50 - 80 RMB per hour while the German ,russian  and some white from england and America are don''t even know how  to write the   essay , because some of them quit school when they were at severn grade. get paid from 100-150 RMB  per hour, Back in America England, they are nothing but a homeless and talor park trash but in China people treat them with repect.  Chinese people wake up and you must learn how to treat your own kind better than white trash.

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To dragonball69

I hope your previous post just had lots of typos, or your keyboard has been having problems lately, if you're an English teacher.

First Point. Yes, I agree that there is much racism in the EFL market.  heck, I'm white and will be among the first to admit that that comes to my advantage.  But when you call whites "trailer trash", etc, then that just shows that you're a racist bigot also.  So what's the difference then?  Instead, why don't you focus your attention on the bigotted Chinese who discriminate in favour of white faces, instead of focussing on the white faces themselves whose fault it isn't.  After all, I'm a teacher.  It's not me who decided that being white was a criteria for the job.

In fact, unlike you I suspect, I actually volunteer two hours of my free time every week to teach Esperanto, one reason being to promote an ethnically more neutral language.  So there are even some white guys doing more than you are to try to change the situation, no?

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Christianity stuff

Can you guys give any reasons that Christianity is false?  All I've heard thus far is attacks against the abuse of Christianity, but nothing against Christianity itself.  Aristotle said, "Never judge a philosophy by it's abuse".  In other words, let's not attack straw men and then congragulate ourselves because they can't fight back.  I understand that there are a lot of idiots and jerks out there, but can anybody give me reason to believe that they're idiots and jerks BECAUSE of Christianity and not IN SPITE OF Christianity?


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