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China to deploy military garrison in S China Sea   [Copy link] 中文

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lostalien Post time: 2012-7-23 10:14
ihate all military. nothing is solved by guns.

uh haven't we learned by our mistakes?

Don't be naive, our economic interest only goes as far as how well we can protect it, without a strong military to protect our interests we will not have a strong economy or a peaceful environment in which we could prosper in. Haven't you learn from the past mistakes? Issues of sovereignty cannot be solved by diplomacy alone!

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Nonsense posting. Nonsense Poster. Please ignore.

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ok here is another fact

im sorry that many greedy places destroy China and abused her for many years. I truly am however here is another fact

war never solved anything and millions of people died from it and left many children fatherless and mothers husbandless.

fact: war never solved anything

it doesn't matter what country someone is from the bottom line is

human being are a destructive race and needs to be put out of its misery

what a sick world we live in and personallly I think that if someone wants to protect themselves is great. i am happy for anyone who can.

yea its bs that so many people pushed China around for so many years. in fact i think the USA(my homeland) is the biggest bully of them all.

and talk about a sick place, JAMES HOLMES. news folks news.

i am not arguing the fact that supporting your protecting programs is a bad thing

my point goes far beyond this neanderthalish mindset.

war = no good for anyone

put down the guns and have tea

i thought Chinese believed in win-win situations?

in war nobody wins , its a big "CHECK" in the lose column.

I really wish I could leave earth

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ya know what? I hope that there is a nuclear war and we all burn to cinders

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lostalien Post time: 2012-7-24 10:14
ok here is another fact

im sorry that many greedy places destroy China and abused her for many year ...

The only neanderthal I see here is you, obviously you aren't evolved enough to think logically. A strong military is needed for self defense or deterrence, regardless of what your take on actual war is, humans are opportunist and always will be opportunist, the moment they sense you are weak, they pounce on you like a pack of hyenas. Since your take on homo-sapiens is that low, why don't spare us all from your sappy melodrama, and shoot yourself? Goodbye cruel world

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at least i dont support military actions. war, weapons and violence.

why dont you stop hiding behind your computer and be a man and face me if you are so brave to talk smack.

ill meet you anytime, anyplace and bring all your friends because youll need them.

im waiting big boy come get some biatcha!

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