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5 things you like and dislike about the East and West. [Copy link] 中文

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As most people are aware there are major differences in cultural values between the East and West, so bearing that in mind, what do you think are the best 5 and worst 5 traits of both East and West?  

Please no bashing of each other and no posting messages full of hatred. This is really to see what you admire about each side and what you don't like. NO FLAME WARS PLEASE!

To get the ball rolling here are my five.

East (China)
Like: The vibrant culture, history, natural beauty of China. The people and the arts and crafts.
Dislike: The pollution, too many people smoke, animal cruelty (by western standards), corruption, public toilets.

West (Anywhere)
Like: Freedom of expression, good legal frameworks, ease of travel, natural beauty, history.
Dislike: Corporate Corruption, Self serving political parties, looking down on emerging nations, cavalier attitudes.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

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like: cultural heritage, chinese languge, beautiful natural scenery,
dislike: enviomental pollution, too many people, terrible education system, government corruption,unfairness

like: openness of mind, advanced technology, brilliant people, free culture, efficiency
dislike: unsafe outside home, working pressure/stress, complex political system

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Democracy is used as a tool by some western politicians to bash other countries...
I really dislike such a  political hypocrisy!
Heavens bless you & me!

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Like: good legal frameworks ,ease of travel,  freedom of expression, enormous cultural solidarity, Reliability of service providers and government institutions, Safety and recourse to assistance in cases of need, history, natural beauty of China. The people and the arts and crafts, public toilets.
Dislike: western influence, flooding of overpriced western products. traitors

West (Anywhere)
Like: , The vibrant culture, natural beauty of the west, history of slavery, and native american genocide, wastefulness, police entrapment, private security forces like blackwater sent in case of national emergencies. private security forces shooting at stranded residents, terrible education system, protection of corporate thieves like ebay, censorship, Corporate Corruption, Self serving political parties, looking down on emerging nations
Dislike: disinforming corporate media, monarchies, religion, fake democracy, selfishness, greed, racism, demagogy, violence, medicine that does more harm than good, prison industrial complex, military industrial complex, counter intelligence, totalitarianism, ie apple tracking your gps, google, and facebook collecting your data, repression of expression, , tsa body search, police brutality, too many people on drugs, ponzi schemes, animal cruelty (by eastern standards), cavalier attitudes.

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like: people, culture, way of life, kitchen, religions
dislike: corruption, public hygiene standards (toilets, streets...), transportation chaos


like: some people, cultures, public hygiene standards,
dislike: corporate corruption, way of life (rats! rats! hurry up!), organised religions, political conflicts

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I have no experience of real life in the East.In reality the only eastern country I have visited is China.My experiences are the ones of a tourist and a foreigner.Both sides have got positive and negative.
In one word the only thing I can say is that China can not reach the public hygiene standards and the west can not reach the warmth of the chinese people's behaviour.
I am talking about China ,this is the only eastern experience I have
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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Both they need develop social and family values.

A child need to learn dicspline and do spiritual practices.

Ethical and moral development are highly needed.

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