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Affirmative -- after thirty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder [Copy link] 中文

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reply to brit_chris

Sex and love, and love and sex, ... my young friend. If sex was my objective, I would be of no worth and value to anyone except for those sexual playmates who would benefit at what would become my dwindling wealth. I could probably make some wise investments and live with bought company the rest of life in a pig's heaven of lustful wonder, all day and all night; clearly Bill Gates doesn't know what he is doing, either, right?

I think it was ubersuave that pointed out that in this cyber world, we are ghosts, we cannot be personal; I think it was Calimero who pointed out that as ghosts we are not real.

What girls want:

Of course, I don't live my life based on what I think other people may want. As for girls, I have no problem attracting lots of pretty girls, I have no problem landing a partner either, I have a problem deciding what I want.

As for what girls want, well, of that, I do reckon I know. Girls want to have fun, after they are somewhat certain of their security. Guys need to be macho with other guys -- swords and shields is a boy's game, girl's really don't understand it, though a winner is kind of attractive.

Girls want a guy who is powerful (not necessarily muscular, though athletic is a big plus to having fun), confident and determined (not a show off and braggart, though a fancy car may mean money to burn!), they like a guy who is charming (not aggressive and crude) and they want to play with someone who laughs and has fun (not a gansta' persona -- unless they have a bent for the dangerous, but even here, mysterious is preferred). Of course, girls may compromise their needs and desires, if they find their choices are limited, because everyone wants someone to love.

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What they say: "You learn something everyday" is true.

I'll let you guess which part of your post is news to me.

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Oh, guessing? Well, my clever mentor and friend, I guess you have figured out I am crazy.

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But you can never surpass crazyazn, Thos

He roots for Chen Sui-bian.

Talking about real craziness, his is the real stuff, in name and in fact.

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Did crazyazn ever tell you that he roots for Chen?

He roots for democrazy,for TW.

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The Patient Man

Hi wchao37 and ashang1:

You know I have really come to like our crazy friend, though I really disagree with him quite severely; he at least knows he is crazy too. He has not done very well in his arguments, but his patience and steadfastness are very admirable qualities. I think he has been straightforward and honest as well, just a little short on vision.

He was the one that predicted, I think, that the Tw referendum would fail and that the ding-a-ling will be reelected (of course, it sounds like either guy was not much of a choice), and that is what the vote seemed to reflect as well. I am very glad he participates in this forum; he is so easy, a pleasure to have around, I think. Our own Ghandi!

TPJ (88)

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OMG!!!We've hit new lows...

The original post was the most racist piece of trash I've read in a long time!!! Zero originality and absolutely no basis in anything remotely truthful. You are using racism to fight racism!!Thank you for exposing yourself to us!! As for the people who are just discussing this as if the original post was a rational,well founded thesis, please check the original post again and look at the meaning implied.
Oh, and by the way...your hero Bruce ( a great man in his own right) would have condemned you as a racist too. After all, he was open -minded enough to love and marry a white american woman.

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