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Affirmative -- after thirty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder [Copy link] 中文

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I believe relationships are meant to last.

A relationship is a matter of the heart and as such, it should never be shortchanged by ulterior motives such as a green card.

Looks can be important but it is certainly not the most important in a woman.  If you compare the two, the heart always wins hands down, especially if you are <b>past thirty.</b>

No self-respecting Chinese man would go out and marry a shrew in a hurry just because she had had an expensive boobs job the week before, a nose job a week before that, and still another liposuction job a month before that one.

A woman should not be overly influenced by <b>Hollywood movies</b> and carry this <b>stereotypical image of 'Western men'</b> in her head.

Whether they are cowboys or city-slickers they can be just duds and not studs in the real battlefield.  That's why V-drug enjoys much higher sales volumes on a per capita basis in the Western world than in China.  

Likewise, you would be surprised to learn that there are far fewer 'smoking guns' in America than in China.  How can you have smoke when there is no fire? That's why so many couples are unable to bear children and end up having to adopt children from East Asia.  

To have real firepower you need at least 600,000 little swimmers per cubic milliliter of porridge and men always wrongfully blame their wives for their inability to bear them a little emperor.  That's one reason some Chinese women opt for laowais because she faces no traditional pressure to produce smoke where there is no fire.

Another important factor is height.  Chinese men are mistakenly but widely perceived to be shorter and that's because most Chinese men who had gone overseas in the past had hailed from the subtropical areas of Guangdong and Fujian.  Southerners are shorter in stature than Northerners. Westerners had never seen the likes of Yao Ming although he is not all that uncommon amongst Northern Chinese.

This rule does not apply to Europeans.  You may be surprised to learn that Scots in Glasgow and Edinburgh are shorter than Italian men on the average.  I had been to those cities and I can attest to that.

Western men are not all tall and aggressive and Chinese men are not all short and catatonic with no interest in girls like those depicted in Hollywood movies.

Most of the men further north are only a notch or two shorter than Yao Ming and most women still have to turn their faces upwards in order to kiss them.

How do you know a race of people is becoming <b>extinct</b>?

That's when <b>ALL their women</b> have to turn their faces downwards in order to kiss their men.

In this regard, Chinese men are always very polite and they insist Western men go to that evolutionary stage first.

Still another factor is body weight.  As an expert on weight problems I can tell you this:

Most Western men past thirty-five are obese and the women in even worse physical shape than the men.  They peak in their teens and go down fast on the road of no return.  

At thirty they start talking about the <b>importance of character and inner beauty</b> -- much earlier than Chinese women do.

A fourth factor is self-confidence.  

Here even though the <b>majority</b> of Chinese men are better looking with finer facial features and slim physique, they still lack self-confidence.  

Again, that's because of the malfeasance of Hollywood Jews portraying Chinese men as emotional eunuchs who love kungfu fights more than they love their women.  

This is totally absurd.  The glamorization and commercialization of explicit sexuality about which Chinese males are condtioned to feel ill at ease account for this anomaly.

A Chinese man who expresses an interest in overt sexuality is generally regarded as a hood or <b>wulai</b>.  To be a perfect gentleman he has to be like that legendary 'Liu Xia Wei," who remained catatonic in the presence of naked Marilyn Monroes or Zhao Feiyans.  

That's why they usually don't talk about it and just do it.   Strangely, the women who call them hoods and wulais when the lights are on are the same ones who hang their legs over their shoulders when the lights are out.

Oh yes -- Chinese women have this secret fear that their men prefer big husky high-nosed Western women who always swing two pendulous bombs in front of them but who never volunteer to go on suicide missions.  

We don't really -- at least not the ones who have had real life combat encounters with them instead of just having seen them in surface anatomy lessons on polaroid films or DVDs doing their thing.

Chinese women are <b>more beautiful by and large</b> mainly because of their slim physique and less angular facial physiognomy.  It is also true that their wrinkle-free youthfulness can last longer into their late forties.

But many Chinese women lack this self-confidence just like their men do.  They think their eyes and boobs need to be supersized like McDonald French Fries, and that's why plastic surgeons are so endearing to these ladies queued up outside their doors -- in the market economy every boob and eyelid is a redefinable commodity that goes up or down in value just like Dows or Standard & Poor indices in the stock market.

That's one major reason why the old adage about beauty being skin deep rings truer than ever -- unless of course if you over-do it  like Michael Jackson did and end up like a bleached Hunchback of Notre Dame.

To recap the situation on Ground Zero:

As the nation's economy advances and her cosmetics industry takes off, the worth of Chinese women will rise in consonance with the tides of prosperity, especially since there are millions more men than women in China.  

The innate beauty of Chinese women cannot be overemphasized.  There are far more Diao C'ans than Mei C'ao-fengs, and Xisis more than Dongsis.  I have seen the women of the world and I can tell you this in no uncertain terms.

Those who disagree with me on this fact please raise their paws.

Frankly speaking, the 'Western' girls that I had been with all think that Chinese men are the better three-legged specimens of Homo sapiens around.

To be sure, one can only make a valid determination in a <b>real battlefield</b> measuring seven feet by five feet.

Want to know what <b>feeding frenzy</b> means?

That's NOT sharks swimming around a bloody chunk of horse meat and gnawing at it.

I just checked into the <b>wchao37 dictionary</b> a moment ago:

It's what a Chinese man like him sees while standing tall and looking down on the <b>swiveling heads</b> of moaning, wriggling brunettes, redheads and blondes.

If you guys and gals want me to I will take out the old grinder from my garage and use it on <b>Western Wudalangs</b> like Seneca whose inflated ego desperately cries out for downsizing..


P.S. Gong Li is just so so according to Chinese men's tastes. Many of the women I have known look better than she does. However, she does have a nice demeanor and I do appreciate the fact that she has not left her husband even though the tobacco company for which the guy had worked had disowned him.

I have heard that Ms. Gong even peels shrimp for her husband when they go to restaurants.

Now that is the real stuff if you truly want to know what <b>character </b>and <b>inner beauty</b> mean.

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for those of you....

....who want to buy the wchao37 dictionary...

...everything you want to know about how to win a Chinese man's heart but were afraid to ask...

check in for discounts at

Not really.

But you are welcome anyway.

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We are beset by stereotypes

Wchao, your are right to challenge the Hollywood sterotype of Western men. Some of us believe in Confucian values such as 'virtue before profit',  modest behaviour and respect.

You're also right to challenge the Western stereotypes of Chinese people. I had a shock when I went to Harbin and found many of the men were bigger and burlier than me (I'm not so burly though!)

I'm also sickened by the attitudes toward Chinese women often expressed by Westerners in this Forum.

What do you think of Bruce Lee as both a physical and political model for Chinese men (and women come to that)


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reply to "wchao37"

Hi '37':

I think you are wrong!

Some of us in the West are Martians!

Though it is rather expensive (consuming ozone in the process), we Martians sometimes charm the human population with a carefully directed discharge of beguiling plasma, and they are left with a mental illusion of our being from Hollywood.

Our superiors have directed us to find less costly ways of directing the human population. So a few of us write in these forums: confusing, deluding and otherwise disrupting the normal human processes of communication -- for instance, I think  "MeiWeiwam", "Calimero", "weiminfuwu", and "bchung" are probably Martians as well.

88 (TPJ)

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Weiminfuwu, I am impressed

Most people only mention the physical attributes of Bruce Lee.

YOU mention the political charisma of the man.

Kungfu stars like Jackie Chan are bantamweights compared to Bruce the Heavyweight.

The man showed his pride in Chinese culture before his time in such films as "The Big Boss," "Enter the Dragon."

If he had lived, he would have become the super-super star in Chinese film industry.

I agree with you fully that he was one of a kind -- if that's what you mean.  His films were all low-budget ones because no one in Hollywood thought much of him except as a sidekick so he had to come back to Hongkong to make his films.

He was a real hero because he took the hard road and brought forth a whole new vantage point from which to view the Chinese male and return them to the rightful place under the Sun.

Girls like this lisajb here speak from ignorance and no wonder Chinese men don't like them and she HAS to go out and seek a laowai.  

It turns out that the laowais don't like her either because as men, they also know a poison ivy when they see one.

Never touch girls like that.  They will only cause you pain.  

Men are far less fickle animals than women today as a result of the condom revolution.  They might fool around but their hearts usually stick to one single woman.

Women talk about their virtues all the time and yet their hearts wander about more than men do.  The term they use to describe their wandering around is "confused."  

That's why the majority of divorces today in most economically progressive countries including China are initiated by women -- many of them think of themselves as butterflies even after marriage and would go from flower to flower to get what they want and then leave.

It turns out that most of these self-styled 'beauties' are bees masquerading as butterflies hopping from stamens to stamens, and watch it -- you will get stinged if you are too generous with your manly hearts.

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Hello Thos


Yes, on that count you are absolutely right.

I stand humbled by your wisdom.  Martians can never match Venuses in terms of mental cruelty.

It used to be men being stereotyped as the ones initiating separation from their women and leaving their poor helpless mates crying and crying and crying...


With the advent of latex rings and V-drugs, women want to have their cakes and eat them too.

Now it's husky muscular men with hearts of gold that are left crying and crying and crying...

for having trusted them cheating souls.

That is the real human tragedy in this century -- women are slowly but surely returning to their previous controllng roles from 7000 years ago at Panbu near Xian.

The Demi-Moores will always be dumping Bruce Willises of our world.  The Diehard tough guys are no match for the rich roving b*tches of our time -- you can't afford to end up like O.J. Simpson now can you?

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On Bruce Lee

Wchao: My view of Bruce Lee was transformed by the film "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" (1993) which told the story of his remarkable but sadly short life. He stood up to racism, in his characteristic manner, in colonial Hong Kong and America. Surprisingly perhaps, he is loved by  particularly by young, and not so young, working class men in Britain.

As you say the likes of Jackie Chan are bantam weights by comarison. He is an outstanding icon for the Chinese people. I think the Bruce Lee story should be compulsory viewing for all Chinese youngsters.


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