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China to invade North America...   [Copy link] 中文

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Hey but what do I know, huh?

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An organized labor force of certified and trained professionals for specific trades, not unskilled peasants like in China.
Big difference pal
I'm just here for the money

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LaughsatYou Post time: 2012-7-14 11:02
^never went through puberty, age: 40

Stuck in puberty forever, Mr. ShotWhileLaughing?

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exportedkiwi Post time: 2012-7-14 16:44
Why adios? You lot do it to us all the time and you're not adios.....but it'd be good if you vamoo ...

the u.s regime does it to countries all the time. it;s long overdue that the favor is returned

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To get back on track......

I don't think that China will physically invade the USA, there is no need to when you own the controlling stake in the multinational industries of a nation.

It is something that is happening quite visibly in Australia and while it saddens me in some ways that the wealth of this land is being transported to China to make industrial complexes in Africa to sell plastics to the USA it does make me smile at the same time.

The trouble is that political parties in democratic countries spend most of their time trying to get re-elected and inciting fear so that they retain power, nations such as China can focus on the bigger long term picture which is necessary for sustained growth. Western nations no longer think so much of the good of a nation but of getting as rich as possible and damn the rest. RobertD pointed out in an earlier post that the things that made western nations so successful in the past have been put aside and that now without them western nations are failing.

I tend to agree with this appraisal although it does not really sadden me as change is inevitable without it we have only stagnation, which leads to gangrenous lethargy, the rotting death of a society.

So, a military invasion? No, but a social, migrational and cultural invasion? Absolutely, it has already begun, and while when I am old I may look back and tell my grandchildren of the times when Australians played Aussie rules, ate bad pies and drank VB and not baiju.....I think it will be an evolution that could be more beneficial than the vapid neon culture we live in today, where Kim Kardashian and the like are famous and rich and where stupidity and a lack of education is rewarded.

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Japan has to be evacuated....

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