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Chinese-style nudity: wounded souls   [Copy link] 中文

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The sense of guilty and the hatred to the nudity are rooted in the blood of Chinese people who still need a long time to face it. Maybe when our collective wounded souls were healed, nudity could be treated as a good thing, even it might take a long time to achieve.

What kind of reaction you will have if you see someone is nude in the public place? Will you ignore it or laugh at it without judging? Will you criticize it and try to call the police?

Take it easy, please. There are not many chances for nude persons showing their body to the public, and the police, of course, will take them down at time in China. Because nudity has a deep connection with a word “indecent” (有伤风化)and will be thought as a behavior which hurt the good manner in Chinese culture.

Nudity will not be allowed unless in some specific situations, such as moto shows, sex culture shows and some kinds of movie festivals, in which people are publicly nude at an appropriate level, will be acquiesced. Level depends on the endurance of public to the encouragement of the performers. Gan Lulu, a model who would like to challenge the bottom line of public endurance was almost beaten by some standby. Even violence might happen, the body-showing behaviors always gain some ambiguous permission.

The nude models feel more comfortable and reasonable in a sex culture exhibition than those who are in a moto show. And the sights of audiences in there are also more wild and unbridled. Those eager sights from a nation of sexual inhibition really taste the freedom of discussing, exploring or sharing the sensitive issue they have never done before. The souls wounded by the inhibition become extremely sensitive, and the nude bodies might be a placebo to them.

Sex culture in China always accompanies with unreasonable pain which has various meanings for people. Someone get high through the pain, while others gain sympathy or show their angers which always happen in these days. For instance, a half-nude man climbed on a tower to request for his salary in Taiyuan; nude female college students’ petition is popular on the internet; and the man who has mental problem has been tied for 23 years. All the ways of being naked have none connections with sex at all and have already become a distortion symbol of somehow a way of fight, or begging to which you may show your anger not sympathy. Chen Weiwei couldn’t buy any ticket to go back home before the Spring Festival, 2011. He took off his cloths and naked run into the office of Railway Station director.

The nudity art almost doesn’t exist in reality or just appears in the art studios. Bikini party hosted beside a luxurious pool is absolutely not nudity art but a porn consumption. The nudity of Su Zizi is covered by art. She, however, shows her pain and panic during her interview which makes her art cover becomes useless.

Facing people frankly and honestly has been thought an equal and fair way to get along with each other. Being naked to show a true you outside, however, cannot prove the equal existence but the souls living and dying in tragic dreams.

(June 17, 2012. A luxurious bikini party was hosted in Foshan, Guangdong province.)

Some activities promoting green lifestyle through topless riding, concerning women’s issue by nude representation, more or less, cannot make us feel the good side of nudity, but still not enough to conquer the evildoer ones. And even the nude activities for good reasons still have not been encouraged as others. The sense of guilty and the hatred to nudity are always rooted in the blood of Chinese.

(The stars who participated into porn movies are the opening ceremony of Shanghai International Film Festival. Zhong Liti, Lan Yan and Fuying.)

A topless fan was chased by a safeguard in Dec. 11, 2004. In that day, Shangdong Luneng won the champion. He might be the one who wore the most as a nude fan all around the world.

November 27, 2005, a 50- year-old man came from Jiangjin, was streaking in downtown area, Chongqing province, which attracting a lot of people’s attention. The man wanted to get his son’s hard-earned salaries back. His son was suffering severe illnesses and needed the money. But the police stopped him and dispersed the crowds.

On August 6, 2010, children ran in naked around the reach of Yellow River and painted their eyes black as pandas’ eyes. This activity was a behavioral article performance, initiated by Zhao Bandi, who was called “a man like a panda”. They hoped the performance would attract people to get an orphan home.

On January 6, 2011, Su Zizi, a nude model who earned 500 yuan per show, was interviewed. She also was an undergraduate in Renmin University of China. Her dual roles dragged her into a dispute. Some people appreciated her self-reliance and other people considered that her activity was almost pornographic, far from art.

On May 31, 2007, a student, suddenly undressed himself and streaked with great aplomb along the Xinzhuang Street Nanjing province for decompressing pressure. When he arrived at Hongshan Road, the police stopped him. And a kind-headed citizen gave him clothes.

On August, 23, 2011, Tang Zuhua, 40 years old was tied up in naked lasting for 23 years in Dashi Town, Heshan District, Chongqing, because he was insane. Netizens discussed whether insane was prone to be naked.

On April 20, 2012, villagers in Tanghe, Lushi, Sanmenxia, both men and women, are bathing in the hot spring aside the road never wear underwear or keep off passers-by. This style of bath can be seen as a folk-culture. However, more and more young people don’t identify with the culture gradually, especially young girls. As a result, the folk-culture can almost certainly not be inherited.

On June 11, 2012, a man, just wore underwear, lied on a single tower and refused to climb down in Taiyuan, Shanxi province. He built road in Shansi, Wuxiang County for 8.5 km long a couple of years ago, but he didn’t get salary his deserved. So he climbed to the single tower to protest.

On September 17, 2011, more than 80 Chinese bicycle enthusiasts and foreigners advocated low-carbon traffic by the way of “naked riding” to meet “Free Vehicles’ Day in Chinese Cities” .This activity was for public good.

On March, 26, 2010, tourists could visit nude boat trackers performance in Shennongxi Resort Badong County, Hubei province. The tradition of nude boat trackers had been disappeared which is the” living fossil” of ancient tracker culture in the Changjiang Gorges.

Source: Sohu

by Beijing shots

Life is what you make of it

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different culture different attitude to nudity
be strong be happy

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clothes keep faces on...
yet inside hearts are full of evil thoughts
Heavens bless you & me!

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nice to hear that.

u should visit my post, i posted some articles about nudity and shanghai bicycle nude ride...i did a survey on this topic...

Hainan actually has nudist swim night at public pool already....

nudity is quite normal in western countries

japan has onsen for male and female sharing and is very healthy!

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On April 20, 2012, villagers in Tanghe, Lushi, Sanmenxia, both men and women, are bathing in the hot spring aside the road


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408945969 Post time: 2012-6-26 10:32
different culture different attitude to nudity

China has been more relaxed about nudity compares to 30yrs ago.

nudity is not aways about sex

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