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fake city look cheap embarrass China!!   [Copy link] 中文

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The OP can jump naked if it makes him feel better.

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NE_Tigress Post time: 2012-6-15 13:52
The OP can jump naked if it makes him feel better.


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1584austin Post time: 2012-6-15 14:11

Why? He will hate you for holding a net! He has too much hatred and it's good for him to free from his miseries ASAP.

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Would you guys mind stopping those personal attacks and "low IQ"-discussions? You can do better than this.

I don't think those copies are bad. Architecture is an art and art is all about feelings - the Chinese architect who copied those buildings wants to give the people living there a certain feeling and copying the buildings is an appropriate way to do this. There is still a lot of indigenous Chinese architecture with tall modern buildings and so on... so for those who like this, there are plenty of appartments to buy. But some people are looking for something more exotic - and they might buy such copies.

If I would buy an appartment in China, I would certainly consider living in such a neigbourhood, as it is more quiet than the life in those tall buildings.

It would also be great if there were some new buildings in the ancient Chinese style with certain modern features - I'd admire every architect who can combine traditional and modern Chinese architecture in a decent way. But so far, I couldn't find any building where this worked out well...

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the architecturer has no pride, it shows that they admire the west,

they should have created chinese style to show off china. not other way round.

if people in china cant afford to go out to see the outside world, bad luck.
no need to create fake structures to convince themselves.

fake blondes, fake goods, fake eggs, fake everything....sick of it!! stop spitting is a good start!!

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seneca Post time: 2012-6-15 15:51
Sorry, Misterlet Rotten,

did you visit the first imperial palace the ancient Chinese set up?

thats non sense.

antient Chinese structures are breathe taken including the antient bridges.

the western architecture find it breathe taking.

i only criticise about the fake structures because the developer is too hungry to make money and try to fool people with their fake stuff. but the Chinese can make incredible structure!!!!

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seneca Post time: 2012-6-15 15:54
...and a propos our Neanderthal ancestors: They were far ahead of Pekingman - anatomically anyway. ...

you big fool seneca! u just proved yourself a very shallow specie here,

low education. and u probably dont know how to do primary maths.
sounds like a little 8yr Chinese girl's math is much better than you!!

Chinese invented paper, gun powder, print and compass.
without these, u would be still living in your western cave with your long hairy animal looking hairy chest
so, dont u insult Chinese again. dont you start your prejudice comments here, you shallow western animal!!!

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