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35-year old Gaokao in picture: Where has our youth gone?   [Copy link] 中文

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Today is the first day of Gaokao. Every year at this time, when another group of young people are waving to their naivete years , we can't help recalling our past youth and roads. Thinking of our Gaokao times, our experiences are all alike on the whole, and yet we're different individually.
View Gaokao images of the past 35 years, and see if you can find your footsteps.

In winter of 1977, Gaokao resumed after 10 year suspension. It started changing numerous people's fates. The test papers terminated the "Recommended to college" policy, which gave a fair opportunity to those who were eager to change their fates with knowledge. So many people have marched on the roads to the glory.

The participants in 1977 Gaokao were workers, peasants, the returned educated youth, soldiers and ordinary high school students.

In 1980, two girls were chatting with smiles on their faces, which brought a breeze of relaxation to the suffocating atmosphere.

In 1980, A high school teacher was encouraging his students

Day before Gaokao in 1985, Wang lin, who was from Beijing No.171 high school, buried her head in the pile of books, Not far from her was her boyfriend. After Gaokao, they entered the same university and got married, but devoiced in the end./

August 27, 1994,  villagers come to Wangjun's home to celebrate as he got enrolled in Tsinghua University by the score of 651 (the full score is 750).

July 7, 1995, Over 2,530,000 students joined Gaokao. The picture shows that a student in Beijing was working hard on the test.

preparing hard

In 1997, over 2,840,000 joined the exams. A mother handed the drink to her daughter. She was among the millions of parents who were with their children in Gaokao;

In 1998, look at the girl's eyes, what can you tell? Confidence? or determination.

In 1999 over 3,400,000 students joined the exams.  Students are walking out of the exam spots/

In 2000, The first "Spring College Enrollment" began. Students joined it in cold weather.

In 2000, a lot of parents and students came to a famous computer shopping mall to check up their scores. After it, some were happy, some were not.

In 2001, Gaokao abolished the previous limitats on participants' qualifications (single, younger than 25). Huan shunfeng had never dreamed that he could have an opportunity to join Gaokao. He was more than happy that he was among the first beneficiaries of the new policy.

In 2002, In shanghai alone, there were 92,800 students who joined it in the rain. In the Chinese exam, the theme of the composition was "Facing the sea", which gave a heavy blow to a lot of students as they didn't have a clue on how to write. The pic shows that the girl was complaining to her mom about this.

In June 2003, as SARS stuck Guangzhou, students had to take temperature before entering the exam spots.
On Feb 27, 2004, some art schools were giving interviews. For men's models, the enrollement ratio was 1:20.

In 2005, the cheating proof devices were in use. Students were forbidden to carry phones or other electronic gadgets.

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Great pics which remind me of my experience in Gokao years ago when the pain and happiness .
Whose @$$ can i blow sunshine up today ?

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On June16, 2006, Guangxi province has become the first one undergoing an online exam crediting system. There were 1,800 teachers who were involved in crediting.

On June7, 2007, at the High School attached to Tsing hua University, parents were waiting outside
looking worried.


On July 3, 2008, Shishi High school in Chengdu, a student whose leg was seriouly injured entered the exam room on the wheelchair.

June 8, 2009, At the end of Gaokao, a big poster called "the most powerful" drew much attention.

June 8,2010, Xiangfan No,4 High School tore up their learning materials into pieces to celebrate the end of Gaokao/

June 8,2011, in Chengqing, students drank until drop after Gaokao.

June 5,2012, Students from High School attached to Yangzhou University show their Gaokao permits cheerfully.

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This post was edited by xmliu777 at 2012-6-7 14:31

One year after another, gaokao, as a most decisive examination, has experienced 35 years since its resumption in 1977 after 10 years of being suspended.
   The brief history of gaokao, illustrated in the series of pictures old and new, reminds us of the past treasured scenes and moments the gestures and appearance of the teachers, candidates, and parents and judges etc.
Gaokao has also witnessed changes in the facial expressions in the past 35 years, as can be seen from the smiling, graving and determined faces of the candidates in situations relating to gaokao or its candidates.
Gaokao has also told us the increasing numbers of the candidates in part of the last 35 years, from more than 2,530,000 students in July 7, 1995 to over 3,400,000 students in 1999 who joined the exams, and has seen a decrease of approximately 33 million people in 2011 compared with that in 2008. In the past four years, the candidates decreased by 1.4 million, although more people are allowed to join the exam.
There are special candidates in 2001, like Huang Shunfeng, one of the first beneficiaries of the new policy that was prescribed in the same year, to abolish in gaokao the former limits on participants' qualifications.
We can see the application of new invention the cheating proof devices in 2005 and the implementation of the computer system of checking up gaokao scores.
A teacher in 1980, trying his best to encourage his students before the exam was showcased vividly likely in from of the school gates.
What will be the fate of gaokao? Will it become less and less important until it fade out? Will it be substituted by ACT or SAT or TOEFL or the IELTS exam? Will it be a most significant exam to determine the young people’s fate? Will it change to another exam? Only time will tell us that?
But one thing is certain that it is not so important as before for some young people who choose to study abroad.
I would like to have a discussion on the same topic on QQ:865411690. My name if Michael. Please join me!

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It's amazing!

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Gaokao has already become the eternal ,vivid memory of mine

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I attended three times,all  fail.So I do not like someone talking it with me.It is terrible in my mind.
But,i know it is only a frustration in my life.

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