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Do Chinese Have Small Brains?   [Copy link] 中文

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This is the best China can "invent":

What a world-changing "invention": building a toilet into the seat of a car.  This sure does put all the Western scientists to shame.  

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I agree that when it comes to innovations China is far from being the leader and the best, I would say they are the best in immitations which destroys the economy where the original products from. But saying that Chinese has small brain and it's genetically related is kind offensive and not convincing. Maybe there are several factors, like the system of government they have which limits the growth of the people, unlike in US where there are several kind of  Researches which actually sometimes been funded. Culture can be another factor because this should be take into consideration in every decisions can sometimes halt the progress unlike in some liberated countries which has more freedom. History, maybe why Japan developed so much interest and competition in technology because of what happened in the war. Population, when it comes to business I'll consider China is more after the Quantity than Quality in order to meet the demands of the population and get used with that trend. So I think there's a lot of factors but genes is not the major factor. Genes play a significant role in a human makeup but try to think some experiment. Think about those full blooded Chinese who grew up in a foreign liberated countries, many of them show excellence in school and professions compared to some. These are just opinions, but I just hope that producing immitation products would stop and people knowingly stop buying them.

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The biggest heads measurements in the world are Northern Chinese, Eskimos, Alaskan natives, Siberians and Mongolians, so if you are trying to relate brain size to the Japanese and the American innovative capability, you have failed big time! A little research would have done you good, before you posted this rubbish thread.

As in technology China do have the lead in several core technologies like renewable tech and bio tech and some crucial military tech. You don't need an American patent for those, especially not in missile technologies, innovation is not just about LCD screens, automobiles, or video games and smart phone utilities, just so you know.

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If Austin had his way, this USA#1 creep will get the next best writer medal.
Fok, what is this forum coming to?

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USA#1 Post time: 2012-5-31 02:27
Chinese have bad genes.

how are you revolutionary?

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USA#1 is just a troll.  Why is anyone even responding here?
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

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