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Air-conditioning only for honors students?   [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2012-5-18 17:20
And what did I say in "post 31" that might have riled a gentleman of your stature???

Is speaking ...

Your post #31 was removed.

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adolphus Post time: 2012-5-17 23:17
You could be describing any Secondary Modern Education system in some parts of Europe where the av ...

and what's your point in this post with the main topic?

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adolphus Post time: 2012-5-18 12:58
Post #31 you have been reported. You do not have the right to call me names and if the moderators  ...

what about the others who call names in this forum?

will you report it too?

or you are selfish?

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Notfear Post time: 2012-5-18 17:27
what about the others who call names in this forum?

will you report it too?

I do not resort to name calling and I expect others to deal fairly and appropriately. How you deal wth others is your affair.

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This post was edited by adolphus at 2012-5-18 18:34
seneca Post time: 2012-5-18 18:19
Was it? I see - the one in which I said:

"Leave Madame Tourettes out of ..."

Your post #31 was deleted. I have not made any objectionable comments as far as I know, and I have no need to fear the moderators as I do not indulge in in name calling. I am also aware that in making the complaints I have that a moderator is more likely to punish me if I break my own rules. In fact, it is almost not worth posting here with the beligerant attitude that pervades this forum.  

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seneca Post time: 2012-5-18 10:37
By the way, I like your signature.

After what you let on in that post I am even more of opinion y ...

I generally don't like to discuss much of what happened during my press days, there's a lot of very bad memories tucked up in that large skeleton closet with an awful lot of things that frankly I'd rather not have witnessed.

The one thing it taught me is to never take anything on face value in the press. I watched my reports be spun and turned about 180° by editors on more than one occasion and I have the rare honour of being personally fired by the Big Rupert himself after I told him he was a F/C to his face.

However given that I've had pretty close on 30 years non stop globe-trotting and do have some fun anecdotes the I will probably share over time. Most of what I can offer here is opinion based on having been somewhere and seen it first hand. Generally I don't speculate much except about matters astronomical.

Re my sig: Well someone here at least knows what it means. Latin is sadly a dying art and there's few who can genuinely read the language (most of the stuff online is BS)
Per Ardua Ad Astra

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This post was edited by adolphus at 2012-5-19 21:25
seneca Post time: 2012-5-19 08:17
You do not feel your comment in an unnecessary reply to my comment about teachers' salaries was ru ...

You are obviously a seasoned hand at looking to make trouble and clearly looking for a fight. However, the posts speak for themselves and reveal that you have either never mastered ‘Advanced English’ skills or you need to see a psychologist.

Here is the conversation and remember you accuse me of calling you a 'poorly paid teacher'.

Post #24 seneca
It also baffles me that people take airconds for classrooms so much for granted when it is Chinese kids... ...but nobody has given any thought to the fate of the teachers.

The salaries of most teachers have stagnated in China while other types of work pays better. In rural Guangdong teachers make half as much as in the Pearl River Delta, and that is not much more than salesclerks or waitresses make. If I had studied to become a teacher, then got a job in a public school and was paid 2000 yuan while my sister earns 1800 as an untrained worker in a restaurant I would consider myself as unfortunate.

Not only does the teacher have to spend all her time in the sticky classroom, standing, not sitting, in front of 50 or more unruly kids. She also has to deal with demanding parents and with uncouth youths. A Chinese teacher is something like a lemon: She gets squeezed of her juices, then dropped and replaced by a new one.

Here you state observations about teaching in Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta as if you are an expert in this field. This led me to the assumption that you are either:

1)        An expert in this field or in management of same
2)        A teacher
3)        Someone who peddles extemporaneous ideas

Your next couple of posts were aimed at name calling for no reason and then I posted:

Post #29 If these teachers were any good in the first place, they then would not be working in a developing country on third world pay. You sound very much as if you have experience in this field and you maybe asking the wrong question with relation to yourself.

Nowhere in this post have I even called you a teacher, let alone a 'poorly paid teacher'. In fact I specifically state, ” You sound very much as if you have experience in this field ……... To which you might have stated that you were involved in 1) management, were a 2) teacher or that you 3) knew nothing of the subject matter.

To which you reply at post #31:

If so - which would be really surprising! - please quote the relevant part in my post in which I claimed to be an "underpaid teacher in a developing country" ".

From this I can now deduce that you have never been in education management, and believe that you know the education field well, which now only leaves the option of ‘poorly paid teacher’ now or in the past. It is your own perceived shame which is prompting your needless aggression.

Continued ……………………………

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