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If there are personal attacks in the forum...........   [Copy link] 中文

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SMITHI Post time: 2012-4-17 03:03
i haven't been aware of Austin lovers either.

must a be small group

You need to go to SPECSAVERS

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Well, the answer is simple...........

If there are personal attacks in the forum.......

......they will be covered with a good back up from the same gangs.

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Whatever is done, one thing is sure, and that is that the Anglo corruption of the forum will continue and grow more disgusting with each step of change.

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This post was edited by Chechen at 2012-6-2 22:59
laowaipengyou Post time: 2012-4-14 16:10
Quite dishonest ... to say the least..!!
Have anyone of you gone through a similar experience at CD..??

Yes!  ,  Yes!   and  Yes!!!

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Roach Exterminator

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laowaipengyou Post time: 2012-4-14 16:10
On one of the threads I threw a three pointer at a low-life character no worth mentioning without pr ...

laowaipengyou is a known troublemaker, and a dishonest whining fat Anglo fag.
There are still a few straight Chinese mods left in the cardboard room. They take offence in gay petting posts from the gweilo pengyou.

"Off with his little sausage!" they all shouted in concerted agreement.

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I wish the mods, collectively, would post a vehement denial to our "influence" here. I think that many see this fantasy because, the mods can see that we're attacked and victimised here while trying to retain a dignity not allowed by our detractors.
Did you ever notice how 99% of the profanity comes from non gweilo? Did you ever notice, especially in the rape threads where it's advocated that our women should be raped, or how I was accused of being complicit in my beloved's death?
No, many here, who aren't foreigners, can't see this. They see only justification at harrassing, blaming and denying.

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