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Traveling in china for free?   [Copy link] 中文

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alicebrooke Post time: 2012-4-16 17:50
The Poet on the Mountain.


I am curious about the Chinese painting. Cannot help falling in love with it.

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titer1 Post time: 2012-4-12 09:49
it is a great dream!!

I wish I have the chances

me too~

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Welcome to China Tour Guide in Arabic & English

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Glod Medal August's Best Writer 2012

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This post was edited by WhiteBear at 2012-7-18 13:39

travel for free? not a problem :)

1. have some friends
2. arrange trip leading from one to the other, and ask them to pick You up one from another (if the distances are reasonable - it could be no problem for many of them)
3. stay only for a short time, with Your friends (have a own sleeping bag and so on...)

For example - I've got free room in my apartment (in secure neighborhood), with air condition, guest bathroom and all, and I can offer a overnight even for a stranger (for free off course). Location - Kaiping, near Jangmen (Guangdong).Food is not a problem, if I cook for myself then I can once cook for two :)

I've got no transportation, so it is up to You.

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WhiteBear Post time: 2012-7-18 13:34
travel for free? not a problem :)

1. have some friends

Sounds like good advice and a great way to travel.  Might also be a good idea to give a token gift to your hosts, not as payment but as a Thank You - stay in touch.
Attitude : Life is 10 percent what happens to you,  and 90 percent how you react to it.

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If anyone who want to travel at feet, please contact me, I would like to do that, especially travel to Tibet area.

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nabil0086 Post time: 2012-4-17 06:20
it would be so nice to travel at feet ! i dont have problem with that !i just wait the right person  ...

if u come to Guangzhou province ,maybe i can gice u some help . i am emily, my msn is

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