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[Discussion] The problem of corruption   [Copy link] 中文

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gentle Post time: 2012-3-30 20:09
do you know the law?

what law?? if only it was respected....
"Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world." [Napoleon Bonaparte about China]

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corruption is our birth right.

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In my country, all larger public spendings are decided by the people over direct democracy - thus, corruption is already getting harder. Now to make corruption outright impossible, the respective government bureau has to publish the exact process through which various companies could bid for the project and also has to publish all financial data. Corruption is also very unlikely due to the fact that most carreer oriented people end up in the private, not the public sector so that government workers have quite a relaxed working environment and hardly anyone is greedy.

So you see, there are three pillars in my country that make corruption highly unlikely:
1) Direct democracy - which, however, hardly can be implemented by a country of China's size, as the spending threshold for project that lead to a vote would be so high that it would hardly help fighting corruption.

2) Transparancy: If everything is made public, people know what they're paying for with their taxes and they'll be very aware of government fund wasting. It also helps journalists to investigate cases if they feel corruption is going on in a certain area.

3) anti-corruption culture: if government workers are just doing 8-to-5 jobs , and leaders only earn very few, you simply don't attract greedy people for that jobs. In my country, government leaders usually make their living from their jobs in the private sector and do the government work to "give something back", so they won't take. Lower leveled government workers also don't earn too much and enjoy a very relaxed work environment, instead. It is also important to note that there are usually not bonuses available for public servants, thus anyone ambitious or greedy will be scared away from government work.

Perhaps, China should implement one of those pillars for itself - especially the second one would probably benefit the PRC greatly on its strive for development.

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"Despite taking consistent measures to fight corruption in previous years, Wen conceded......."

Should be "Despite talking consistently about fighting corruption in previous years".

Grandpa Wen, you did an extremely poor job fighting corruption !    

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fredius Post time: 2012-3-30 20:51
" The problem is not the bribe, it is the construction company who build sub-standard buildings. " ...

The problem is 'bribe'

Even the rich can't resist to grab more dosh

I can recall some years ago a local guy multi millionaire, by-passed the gas meter for the heating of his swimming pool.......well he got caught thankfully

It's even worse when people that have plenty commit theft

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1584austin Post time: 2012-3-31 15:22
The problem is 'bribe'

Even the rich can't resist to grab more dosh

And it's even worst when people with commitment to the people do so...
especialy when the common people strongly need their support to set fairness in the society...
Some corrupted officials don't hesitate to use their power to harass their own taxpayer. Why tolerance on such a canker?
I just see two possible reasons :
-Allowing total impunity to the regime's servants give them motivation to stay loyal and to garantee the social harmony because they want to preserve their benefits.
- Everybody's corrupted so nobody really want to chek others to avoid being checked themself.
Any other suggestion?
"Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world." [Napoleon Bonaparte about China]

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Based on America and EU experience, more democracy and laws and regulations, according to Cathy, will not solve the overall corruption problems.


Daily Bell: Does financial regulation work? Will more work better?

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Tao Te Ching says:
The more restrictions and prohibitions there are, the poorer the people become
The sharper the people's weapons are, the more national confusion increases?
The more skill artisans require, the more bizarre their products are?

The more precisely laws are articulated, the more thieves and outlaws increase

More laws or regulation will not address the underlying failure of enforcement and the need for a new investment model.
House Committee Financial Services | Oversight and Investigations
In a third hearing on the MF Global collapse witnesses testified about an estimated $1 billion of unaccounted customer funds. Former MF Global Assistant Treasurer Edith O'Brien exercised her fifth amendment right not to testify .. Read More.............

2 hours, 54 minutes........................30 March 2012
Stanley Haar Reviews the Latest Developments on MF Global - Edith O'Brien's Gioconda Smile ... -haar-reviews-la...
blindman :
who is buying your candidates and future government?
paying for their name recognition and credibility?
with what money? from whose accounts?
. ... e-bet-on-romney....
Wall Street's Huge Bet on Romney
By Evan Mackinder on March 23, 2012 6:20 PM

"Let there be no doubt where Wall Street's political loyalties lie: Of all the money the securities and investment industry has poured into the 2012 presidential contest so far -- to the candidates and the super PACs behind them -- an unambiguous 92 percent has gone to the GOP, according to a new Center for Responsive Politics analysis.

And in so doing, the securities and investment industry is betting hard on the candidacy of one of its own: Mitt Romney." ....
comment: they already own o man.

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