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Christian was a Revolution   [Copy link] 中文

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                                                Mighty holy bloody whatever Roman Empire!


Romans ain't no fool , That's for sure !

Early Christians persevered through 3 centuries of {:soso_e155:} persecution under Roman reign before Christianity

eventually prevailed in the early fourth century AD.

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Mighty holy bloody whatever Roman Empire!

There is simply NO historical facts backing up your claim. What you said are Christian tales and lies. They require faith to believe.

The fat guy loved by the Sinophobic West.

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you see, the one thing timbatu won't do is honest research

he is bone idle
(beast ex machina)

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he is quite happy to get others to do it, though

and then criticise the hell out if it

this time, timbatu, since you are so emphatic, show us the goods
(beast ex machina)

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VonXiLe Post time: 2012-3-27 08:31
It is the people that change over times, while all the religions and their good old teachings rem ...

reply to VonXiLe

' Christians’ greatest Genocides Lies continual Thieveries and Atrocities '

With all due respect , I have this question for you.

   While indigenous African natives that had no prior contact with Europeans are brought in as slaves in
(so-called New World territories such as) Brazil, Carrebean and Southern U.S., and yet they
did NOT suffer sudden population decline due to contact with Europeans, due to so-called new dieseases,
due to lack of body immune systems, etc .

........  And how come Only indigenous native Americans suffered all these tragedies, and ended up

         with a great majority of  their population wiped out within a century of European colonization

         and occupation of their beloved land ?! .............

                                    {:soso_e115:}                                                                          {:soso_e115:}

Native American beauty.jpg

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it was not the Romans, but the Jews on the Request of the Temple Rabbis. The Jews Reported Christ to the Romans and demanded Punishment for breaking there Laws and Roman Law. Pilate The Roman Governor Adjudicated on the Case and said he could find no wrong and said he should be let free,but the Jews demanded Punishment, so for the sake of Expediency Pilate did not want to upset the Jews and instigate a Revolution, so he had Christ Flogged.But that was not satisfactory for the Jewish Rabbis and they demanded Crucifiction. So Pilate Ceremoniously washed his Hands of it and handed Christ to the Jews and gave them Permission to do what they wanted to Christ.So Christ was Executed by the Jews Overseen by the Roman Soldiers. At the End Christ was Finished off By a Lance from a Roman Soldier. This was the way Romans executed People by Crucifiction, a slow Death in the burning Sun.

i found this on a net it is not written by me but correspond to my view of this rather interesting topic.

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I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Obviously, their (invented/manufactured) story does not make sense at all.

Sadly though, they got a lot of explanation to do when they get to hell.

I hate to say this but there's already has several generations of poor souls trapped in there.

For those who don't believe in HELL,

Think of it this way,

Do you or anybody know for sure what happen after death?

Nobody, right!

Then don't you think its wise not to put all the eggs in one basket?

'DON'T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET' , my friend , because

this may well be the best investment you ever need to make for this life and beyond .

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