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How to treat the rich and wealth   [Copy link] 中文

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A news online yesterday ignites fierce arguments among netizens. "
Wealthy dad spends $11m on daughter's wedding"
The majority criticise the father acts like a upstart and should not waste money like that and why don't he donate the money to the poor and the people in need. Therefore, they suggest the country should tax the rich heavily.

Some, on the contrary, support the father and claim that the father could spend his money as much as he likes. The later tease the former and label them as anti-rich diehards "sour grape" mindset.

Finally, to be foreseeable,  some send their blessings while others send curses to the marriage.

How do you think of this issue. What should we to deal with our fortune and fortune of others?

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I usually have Engineers wash my feet for a start. But not electrical engineers, they can';t seem to even manage wiring a light switch.

But to topic specifics;
It's dad's money.
He made it.
Belongs to him.
Small business benefited from it.
People worked for those small business and got a pay check.
Fed their families from said pay check.
The money is back in circulation.
Taxes were paid to the government.
Government spends taxes on the netizens and needy ones too by pulling the countrymen out of poverty.

The circle of life, capitalism is wonderful.

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The guy is head of an energy company from Shanxi provicne which probably means he owns coal mines.  Wonder how many miners have died in his mines?

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The circle of life, capitalism is wonderful.

Are YOU one of the 1%  ?
Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. Arnold Bennett

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it is fine provided that the 1% don't corrupt the natural process of taking a loss

pushing that loss (and your tax bill) on to the 99% is the problem, not capital formation
(beast ex machina)

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It seems reasonable that everyone has the right to expense their money. However, the prerequisite is they earn their wealth by personnal hard work, don't involve any illegal transactions in their business.
I am deeply suspect the billionaire father's wealth are accumulated step by step without any corruption in the resources industry.
I am eager to acknowledge his successful exprience in the business and learn to make me another wealthy guy.

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Is it good in a Socialist Country?

Is it good in a Capitalist Country?

Is the present Mainland China a Socialist country or capitalist country?

Deng Xiaoping have ever said that "Party and China's government let a small number of Chinese rich first. Later those rich Chinese will help the rest of poor Chinese".

Did Deng Xiaoping make a wrong judgement?
our life is full of sunshine

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