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Time to clean up the act on CD   [Copy link] 中文

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I read with interest the moderator's thread which said racial slurs are strictly prohibited. Yet not one of the banned terms was about attacks against white people. Most terms were those directed at Chinese people. Even the word gweilo was not included, which is clearly a generic put-down. The term "Anglo" is also used as a universal perjorative. I have never seen it used in any way that is not derogatory.

I would say 90% of the racial slurs on this site, including in the CD news comments sections, are against white people. They are pervasive and relentless, and there is almost no topic one can peruse without being bombarded with statements like "Anglos are evil rapists, killers", "All whites should be wiped off the face of the earth", or "They are beasts, monkeys,barbarians" etc. On the main CD home page all comments are moderated. Nothing appears until a moderator approves of it. Yet I see news stories bombarded with these kinds of comments, all approved by moderators.

Generic and hateful comments about races and nations are by definition racist. When they are directed at the races and nations you despise, they are still racist. Racism isn’t only something that happens when people saybad things against your own people. When you spew hate at other races and nations, it is you who is the racist, your people who are the racists. Saying, “But they deserve it because they are so evil” is always the racist’s rationale for his actions.

Coming to this forum and the online CD newspaper has taught me one thing more than anything else. Racism, and vilification of “the evil other” is endemic in China, and there is little or no acknowledgement of the problem. The world is a worse place for the existence of this forum, this site. CD is not part of the solution, it is a part of the problem. A big part of it. That is a truth that those responsible for what happens here must eventually own up to this fact.

The evidence is clear. Regardless of what is stated, the China Daily is a publication which approves of racial hatred and the vilification of foreigners. It actively promotes extremism and hatred. Until this is acknowledged, CD will continue to be a publication which makes the world a worse place, which is sowing the seeds of a future full of hatred, intolerance and bigotry. That this philosophy is perpetrated on China's international English language newspaper defies belief.

The entire culture of this site needs to be cleaned up, and rules enforced for all people, not just for selected groups.

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Who gives a crap. Very few people come on here anyways...

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Industrialist Post time: 2012-3-15 08:44
Who gives a crap. Very few people come on here anyways...

That is the question indeed. Who cares? Apparently not those who approve of what happens.

My take is that true psychological maturity occurs when people learn to see beyond their own ego boundaries, and their own group, and identify with something greater. Nationalism is pseudo-spirituality. It reinforces ego boundaries and narcissism. It does not help transcend them.

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thats right

the general hatred towards white people is as intolerable as the general hatred towards those hate-mongering non-white people themselves

and so Anglo should be on the list along with Negro

if its not, then there is racism supported in CD

but we must also define "Race" as separate from Diaspora with their own unique quasi-culture within other countries

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Reverse Racism does not mean racism against White people.. thats still the exact same racism as racism against black people

reverse racism is special favors for people based on their race, such as Affirmative Action, the Fairness Doctrine, and all the other stuff Black people have pushed on America or white people push on themselves to specially favor black people

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I'm glad I'm not such a thin skinned honky.
I'm secure enough in my white skin not to care if someone calls me an anglo or a gweilo or a Dà bízi {:soso_e144:}
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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well, black people dont feel the same

or perhaps its white people feeling that way for black people

at anyrate, we are glad you dont.. i think the very idea of "Racism" is just one big agenda, personally..

but if you are going to make a rule regarding it, it needs to be an equal rule, regardless if white people dont care about it, which probably all of the white people dont care

but the blacks do, and so we all have to suffer

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