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Remember your first love letter?   [Copy link] 中文

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my 1st love letter was an open kiss

after giving her a love letter egg roll
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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We're so glad that some members have shared their sweet love stories.

And we hope more members will join this activity.

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i never recieved love letter in my life~~~~

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Ques Post time: 2012-3-14 20:00
I can not do love letter but I did write a poem for a girl and she liked it and i will not say what  ...

Well I hope you at least cooked it too and gave it to her with the poem; otherwise what a waste . . . .

of a poem.

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lotusfly7 Post time: 2012-3-23 11:58
Well I hope you at least cooked it too and gave it to her with the poem; otherwise what a waste .  ...

I did give it to her after i threw robin away.  

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向导户外-Lucy Post time: 2012-3-23 10:10
i never recieved love letter in my life~~~~


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Alright, count me in. I don't know where to start, but I'll keep it short.

The infatuation: {:soso_e166:}

Her surname is Xu who's 1 year older than me. She was not the first one I got infatuated with, but she was the first one I wrote a love letter to. She's so beautiful, I can't remember since when I was stuck by her beauty. Seems to me that she was perfect.

We were assigned to be in the same class when I was in Second grade of high school. As the time's going, the infactuation was growing stronger and stronger. I couldn't concentrate on study as before. During classes, I couldn't help peeking at her every now and then, and I was too timid to look into her big and bright eyes, my heart seemed to be beating along with her blinks.

One day, all the class rearranged desks, I was more than excited to see that her desk landed right next to mine with just an aisle in between. You can't imagine how hard my heart was pounding.
Soon after, my infactuation was reaching to its peak. But on the face of it, I just hid my feelings and tried to act like a friend.

One time I remember, she was giggling and talking with another male friend of mine, my jealousy ran out of controll. I rose up suddenly, walked to the door, punched my right fist against the wall without feeling the pain and slammed the door, leaving my classmates' jaws drop down.

The Love letter

The infatuation of mine was taking toll on my study. I was trying to find a way to confess my feeling to her. At that time, we didn't have cellphones or internet access.  An idea occured to me that I should record my confession on a tape with my tape-recorder. So I recorded and recorded for millions of times in a desolate building. Everytime I replayed it, I felt I sounded stupid and lastly I dropped my plan.

Why don't I just write her a letter? So did I. I wrote a very lengthy letter of 3 pages (I  should have keep it short, but my Chinese was kind of poor)wrapped up in 3 envelops, telling her how deep I was in love with her and how I was dazzled by her beauty, and stuff like that. I wrote that I didn't want an immediate relationship with her, because we as high school students should give top priority to study. I was in a hope that she would be with me after the college entrance exam.  I sealed the big envelop.

Remember she was just an arm away from me? I dared not to hand it to her.  During the noon break, I ran to the post office which was about 2 miles away.

The end

The next day, it arrived during the dinner break.  I was at present, sitting at the last row of the class, my heart missed a beat when she unwrapped it.

She just read for first few lines I guess before she closed it and put it in her desk. Then silence followed. Things remained as normal. I went back to my seat, thinking what she was thinking.

I almost had a sleepless evening. The next morning, the first thing I found after entering the classroom was that she switched her seat with her neighbour surnamed Huang. Second thing I found was a letter lying in my desk wrapped in one of my small envelop. I opened it up and hid my head in the desk and started to read, the exact content had faded from my memory,  but the point of the short reply was that she was upset, disgusted and disappointed that I would do such a "thing" to her, I was no difference with other " bad boys" in other classes who always peeked her from the windows, she regretted treating me as her brother before and shared food with me.

I felt like my heart was shattered {:soso_e167:}, I tore the paper into pieces when the bell rang and threw them into the trashcan, I went out and started running in the snow, I didn't cry. All of a sudden, my love turned to hate. There's very thin line between love and hate.

Sorry, I thought I said to keep it short.  So anyway, I totally failed in the following test, I ranked 33 (I was among the top10) and she ranked No 6. I was so pissed. I swore to myself that I would do a better job than her in the entrance exam. So did I. Somehow, the hate turned to the motivation for my study.

Before the graduation, we friends took photos and exchanged notes. One day, another friend of mine said that he wanted to take a picture with me, I was standing by the flag pole, but suddenly I felt someone came and stood beside me, I was her. I didn't smile.

That was how we became friends again.
Life is what you make of it

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