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British people attitude towards Chinese   [Copy link] 中文

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idorun Post time: 2012-3-13 13:41
This does not surprise me at all . The British can be very snobbish, about who they talk to and who  ...

and Asians sure like going there for education

most of them

of course there are some losers

(beast ex machina)

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starfruit12 Post time: 2012-3-13 04:14
I thought it would be good to share some real experience here, so that people can see what it is re ...

I watched a TV documentary about Chinese diaspora around the world a few years ago,
one part showing stories  about some 40 Chinese baby girl orphans adopted by British parents
during the 60's, now these girls are all middle aged women, most of them have bitter experiences of
being adopted by the British families and living in such a racist society in Britain.
While their adoptive parents are non-racist & kind, but not their friends & relatives, the British society was so unkind & downright hostile towards these Chinese baby girls.
One told that on the first day the adoptive parents showed her to all the friends & relatives, there're so much displeasure, curse & swear, and demanded the parents to send the Chinese baby girl back to Hong Kong. That's the treatment for a mere 2 year old Chinese baby girl !!
Another recalled her growing up years were absolutely hellish, with racist teachers constantly picking on her, severely punishing her for no apparent reasons. Also she had to endure daily racist taunts from classmates & school children, and she was absolutely shunned by all white children in school & in the neighbourhood. Really these British children even at such a young age already manifesting such shocking racist attitudes towards children of other races. Sickening.
And truly inhumane & Shocking indeed !!
Please don't shoot, I'm just a babe.

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Liverpool's lost Chinese sailors  

A BBC Radio 4 documentary has shed light on the legally questionable ways in which British government officials dealt with Chinese sailors after World War II.
"When I was a baby, he was sent back to Shanghai. I've had to grow up without a father," said Margaret Taylor.

"I try to put it out of my mind because I know I'll never meet him."

The treatment of Chinese sailors in the UK port of Liverpool 60 years ago was one of the most shameful episodes in the history of UK race relations.

Wives were left without husbands, and children without fathers.

Only recently has the truth fully come to light, and only recently have those now grown-up children learned that their fathers did not desert them all those years ago.

Despite their bravery during World War II, these Chinese sailors were summarily kicked out of the UK after the war, and sent back to China.

Seafaring tradition

For 80 years or more, Liverpool was home to large contingents of foreign sailors, ever since the Blue Funnel Line (The Ocean Steamship Company) began plying its trade between Britain and the Far East.

  Linda Davis
The Holt family, who owned the line, began a long tradition of recruiting seafarers in mainland China - especially the below-deck and engine-room crews.

The Holt family took a paternal interest in the well-being of the crews, which was summed up by a Liverpuddlian rhyme: "aint my tunnels tall and blue, and make sure you look after my Chinese crew."

When World War II began, Liverpool's foreign seafaring population swelled to around 20,000.

The Chinese contingent served on the Atlantic convoys, Britain's merchant fleet, which brought armaments and food from America.

Some died on the high seas, trying to keep Britain's lifeline open.

Many of the survivors, on shore-leave, put down roots in Liverpool, married British women and sired children.

But as soon as the war was over, during a series of police swoops on the Liverpool dock area, deportation orders were served on the Chinese sailors.

"He just went out to the shop, and my mum was waiting for him to come home, and he never came," Linda Davis said of her father.

The operations were carried out by the Liverpool Constabulary under the watchful eyes of the Special Branch.

The initiative came from the UK Home Office, as proven by official paperwork that has recently been discovered.

Within 48 hours the Chinese sailors were on their way back to China.

As far as records show, there were no reviews of individual cases, or appeals.

The aftermath of these events left families devastated, and some of the effects are still being felt today.

"I'm close to tears now, just talking," Margaret Taylor said.

Please don't shoot, I'm just a babe.

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This post was edited by verdane at 2012-3-13 17:48

I'm sorry you had such a negative experience in the UK, I don't know what sorts of issues you felt you were being interrogated about! But as you can imagine people are very curious to know about China.

Peoples views of China as a nation as opposed to the Chinese as a people are also somewhat colored by negative reporting in the press - you will find that ( particularly in the UK) positive stories are rarely considered newsworthy. So whatever the topic be it our own government, the EU, the monarchy or .. China our media rarely have anything nice to say!

I hope it was just a case of curiosity surpassing manners, as generally speaking people don't have a great deal of hostility towards China, hence the tens of thousands of Chinese people who have made their home here and the 100k plus Chinese students who study here.

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philo09 Post time: 2012-3-11 06:04
That is funny, thank you for the laugh.
I don't hate the British but I do have first hand experie ...

Its gets really tiresome to hear these tired old sterotypes trotted out whenever someone thinks they know the British from some dull period drama or naff film set in any era prior to the 60s...

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starfruit12 Post time: 2012-3-13 04:25
I don't hate British, but most of the English I have met are very narrow minded and prejudiced.  ...

You are probably aware that the British make jokes about everything, including each other (a bit like the Aussies). When they stop "taking the pi**" you know you've probably hit the point when they really don't like you...

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verdane Post time: 2012-3-13 19:44
You are probably aware that the British make jokes about everything, including each other (a bit l ...

very true

in fact, when insulted, it is often a form of compliment and tacit acceptance

bizarre but true

in a way, it is an invitation to give one back
(beast ex machina)

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