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The Chinese Bias Against African Americans? C'mon!!! [Copy link] 中文

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When Chinese go to America, the Chinese men will be killed by Blacks. The Chinese girls will be raped by Blacks. This is always true.

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The Extreme Racism Of Many Asian Women In California…

Posted on November 30, 2011

I don’t know about other parts of the country, but there are many, MANY, Asians that live out here in the Bay.  In fact, the Bay Area, California, has one of the largest populations of Asians in the whole United States.  In fact, where I came from, there weren’t hardly any Asians at all on the East Coast; back then, anyway.  Hell, I had only see maybe a few in my lifetime, and they were nice people, from what I remembered.

However, when I came to live in the Bay Area, the Asians that I dealt with out here were a completely different story entirely.  The Bay Area is a very specious place.  People are always talking about how “liberal” Bay Area is.  However, once you stay out here for any length of time, you’ll begin to realize that the Bay Area is absolutely NOTHING but a damn liberal lie.  I originally came from the South, and even though I DID experience racism, it was NOTHING like the crap that I experienced here.

You’d think that with the Bay Area being one of the most “diverse” places in the country, that it would be completely different; however, it was just the opposite.  Hands down, the Bay Area, California has got to be one of the most RACIST places that I have ever lived. The denizens of the Bay Area practice some sort of Caste system that would rival damn 15th Century Jolly Old England.  Out here, Whites are at the top, everyone else is in the middle, and blacks are at the absolute bottom; especially black American men.  The people out here want it to STAY that way also.  Any attempts on the part of blacks, and especially black men, to pull themselves up out of their  beleaguered position is met with stiff opposition from all sides, and all races.

Back where I lived, I NEVER felt the same type of class racism that I have out here. Everybody is in on it.  From Whites, to Asians, to everyone else in-between.  Although I have experienced racism from damn near every angle out here, the absolute WORST proponents of racism that I have EVER experienced is none other than Asian women. From my personal experiences, Asians are pretty racist in general, whether they be the men or the women.  However, the women are just on an entirely different level from any group of people that I had the displeasure of dealing with.  Hell, at least I can say that I had some good experiences with Asian men.

In fact, one of my colleagues from the University that I graduated from was an Asian guy. However, when it comes to the women, I can’t think of one damn good experience that I had out here…Not one.  They were almost ALL bad; and when I say bad, I mean that they were bad as hell.  I have never seen a group of people who could be so damn EVIL as Asian women could be.  What also trips me out about many Asian women, is that their racism is CALCULATED, they know WHO, and WHO NOT, to be racist towards, which makes it all the more worse.

And when I say racist, I am not talking about in terms of dating either.  I am talking about IN GENERAL.  I could care less if their biggest goal in life is to have a damn white man’s baby.  I am talking about the way that they treat other people PERIOD is a damn problem to me.  They have to make it a damn practice to dishonor you in any subtle way that they can.  ESPECIALLY, if you are a black man.  Sometimes, I am absolutely ASTONISHED at the amount of effort that people put into being BIGOTS.  Yet, these same people probably see themselves as “good” people.  You can’t be a damn good person if you mistreat people for no damn reason; and that goes for anybody of ANY race.  In spite of my views on things, I don’t go around mistreating ANYONE for no reason.

Like I said before, I have dealt with disrespect from everybody of EVERY race out here. However, hands down, they are the WORST that I have EVER dealt with.  That’s why I laugh when I hear niggas extolling the virtues of these women.  I am thinking to myself, you have got to be joking bruh.  These cats must have NEVER had the damn displeasure of being around a bunch of them.  From my personal experiences with Asian women, many of them are white-worshiping fools who will engage in anti-black bigotry to bond with their white guy. They have such a damn aversion for dark-skin that out here in the Bay, that I see Asian women walking around with damn umbrellas on the sunniest of days, with sun-visors to match.  Pathetic.

To them every black man is bad SOLELY because he is black, and every white man is good SOLELY because he is white.  Honestly, most Asians, in general, think like this.  Hell, don’t think that I am letting the Asian man off of the damn hook, because in terms of being racist, many of them aren’t that far behind their racist women.  I am sure as hell not saying this stuff because I actually care about the plight of the Asian man; because they sure as hell don’t care about yours as a black man.  In fact, many of them feel like you DESERVE to be discriminated against.  Hell, many Asians see themselves as “honorary whites”: both men and women, and they act accordingly.

People think that black folks aren’t observing them.  Nah, we are OBSERVING you just like you are FOREVER observing us.  We are well-aware of your pathologies, just like you all are of ours.  What trips me out about many of these “other” minorities, and white folks as well, is that they can dish that racism out like nobody’s damn business.  However, they can’t take what they dish out at all.  These other minorities will be absolutely WICKED towards a black person.  However, let a damn white person discriminate against them, and they literally melt like the damn “Wicked Witch Of The West.”


From my personal experience, Asian women embody this to a damn tee.  Many of them are absolutely HATEFUL towards blacks.  Yet, the minute a white person discriminates against them, they are ready to slit their own damn wrists.  Weak as hell.  I remember one time when I was watching television several years back, there was this case of this Asian woman getting denied a dorm at Stanford University by this white woman, this Asian woman was balling out of damn control.  She was crying worst than “Pee-Wee Herman” did off of “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” when he lost his shiny red bike.  Crying her damn eyes out, because she had been discriminated against.  I was like “give me a damn break”.

As racist as many of them are to people who THEY feel are beneath them, they have some damn nerve.  Especially, Asian women.  They will dishonor your black ass for absolutely NO REASON at all solely because of the hue of your damn skin.  They know it’s the truth too.  Don’t even read this and try to deny it. Believe me, I have had to deal with that racist, “You have no honor because you are black”, bulls**t bigotry for over a decade. I know full-well how they get down; and believe me it ain’t changing no time soon either. That racism is passed down from parent to child in their culture.  They are as racist NOW, as they were then when I first came out here over 10 years ago.

They even had a running joke told by an Asian man that said: “You know you’re Asian when…” Answer: Your parents hate black people.

The funniest thing about it, is that the main people trying to act black out here are Asians. It’s hilarious.  The women are out here dressing like damn “Nikki Minaj” and the men out here are all trying to look like 50-Cent or Jason Derulo; rocking skinny jeans with their hats to the damn back.  It’s pure comedy.  They even call each other “nigga” for goodness sakes!!  Yet, they hate blacks with the damn fervor of a damn 18th Century Klansman.  I even heard a damn Asian man cranking up “N.W.A”, Niggaz-4-life.  I am thinking to myself, what in the hell does a damn Asian man know about N.W.A. for goodness sakes?  Non-blacks trip me out with their “APING” of black culture.   They love the culture, but hate the damn people.  Utterly Astonishing.

That is all.
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edisonone  You seem to want to be part of the Asian community. But, do you think you would fit into it as God had designed it? I mean wouldn't you feel alienated? If would if I was in your community.

Do you feel alienated in Canada?

I don't see how you would be alienated here...
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edisonone  well... we have chinese communities and we love our enclosed community -- as is

I guess you don't like the concept of integration.
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edisonone  I for one would never consider being a part of your community no matter how starved I am.  Post time 2012-2-28 15:03

I doubt you'd starve (despite my fondest hopes)
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there is a HUGE amount of Chinese racism towards blacks

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