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Reply to Laincoubert's post # 62.
You are right that the US bases give the US more power (although China and the US would call it 'ability to protect their interests'), and you are right that it does not give Australia more power (although some politicians might think so).
It does, however, give stability to this region. There are many successful, stable countries (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Phillipines...), but some which are struggling (Fiji, PNG, Solomons...). Taiwan and China are also having their own little turf war here, which is not helping these small island states. The US gives a stability which can not be provided by anyone else. It is not perfect and the US can be as stupid and selfish as any other country, but it has worked so far.

Finally, there are few countries in Asia that do not have this insurance. North Korea has China, while South Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam, Singapore, the Phillipines, Taiwan... are all involved in alliances with the US to some extent. Only a few host bases, but a in the past few thousand years, alliances have been used as insurance. It does not make a country a slave to another country, and these may fade as China becomes more established in its new position as a superpower, but saying countries do not need these alliances means you are very idealistic. I admire you for that, but I don't think it is wise to run a country based on ideals in the place of realism.

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Well ielts2u you have finally come out and said it
the bases are an insurance against China.
As a former PM has said Australia is now an accessory under someones armpit and why?Because of fear.
dont forget another thing a big no no for true believers,selling more uranium and to a non signatory of the Nuclear non Prolif.Treaty,good one for world peace.
Alliance you might say.
This turf way between taiwan and china in the south pacific has actually benefitted these small countries.
not too dissimilar to the tiny countries joinin the whaling association.
Australia has the bases and an alliance that can lead to hell,while New Zealand has her dignity.

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This post was edited by ielts2u at 2012-1-29 13:56

As I said in post #48, Australia seems to be trying to copy Singapore's strategy of playing one superpower (i.e. USA) off against the other (i.e. China). Every other country in the Pacific is doing the same (except North Korea). The real benefit is regional stability, while the long-term unlikely, but possible, benefit is insurance against a power (maybe China) where everything has gone pear-shaped.

Second, selling uranium to India was always going to happen. As I said in a previous post in this thread, they are stable, democratic and have shown responsibility (despite some provocation). They have enough uranium of their own to supply their military, so denying sales to them was pointless (although ideologically sound).

Finally, come on Lian. Joining the whaling association has benefited these countries? It has benefited a few politicians and boosted corruption in these tiny states. Likewise, Taiwan and China trying to buy off Pacific islands has done the same. It has enabled a corrupt few to become richer, while the masses get restless. There is an argument that corruption is good for countries, but it is the corrupt politicians who say this. Talk to citizens from these countries who are studying in China. They are less than complimentary at what is being done to their countries.

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