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[Others] China should help Iran avoid a possible war [Copy link] 中文

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China should help Iran weather a looming war possibly waged by the US
(Global Times)
The Pentagon threatened to respond to Iran's attempts to develop nuclear weapons and block the Hormuz Strait on Sunday. The US obviously sees using force against Iran as a final resort.

China's position when faced with a possible Iran war is difficult. It has huge oil interests there and Iran is of vital importance in alleviating its strategic pressure. But China cannot ally itself with Iran in opposing the US. Therefore, China must make efforts to prevent a war against Iran.

Some hold that Russia should block the US since it has more interests in Iran than China. This is just wishful thinking.

The strategic value of Iran to China is growing bigger than it is to Russia, no matter whether from the perspective of oil demands or geopolitical importance.

We should not expect Russia to act as a shield for China. China needs to act in accordance with its interests over Iran. It should coordinate with Russia and the two should support each other in this matter.

China has made clear its opposition to further sanctions against Iran. Despite pressure from the US and European countries, China should continue trading with Iran.

Though some Chinese companies have shrunk their investment in Iran out of fear of US sanctions, it doesn't have to be the attitude of China. Instead, if Chinese companies are sanctioned by the US due to their legal trade with Iran, China should take countermeasures.

In the absence of conclusive evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, China should provide diplomatic assistance to Iran, by maintaining high-level official visits and opposing any biased treatment of the country.

The US is not ready for a war against Iran yet. Its economy could barely afford a new war and military action against Iran would be unfavorable to Barack Obama's reelection plans. All these suggest that using force against Iran is the most difficult decision the US faces in the new decade.

Opposing the US on Iran will not necessarily lead to confrontation between the US and China.

Without the authorization of the Security Council, the US military threat against Iran is illegal while it is morally just for China to safeguard its interests in Iran. China is not opposing the US but the mere possibility of a war. This is what China should do as a responsible power.

In potentially waging a war against Iran, the US faces much higher risks than China. Participating in the Iran issue is an opportunity for China to strengthen its diplomatic influence.

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The american people should not let their Obama do to their own economy with a war against Iran what Osama had done to their security with four planes against their homeland.

And they must also be quick to see through any attempt by Obama's administration to tap Iraqi oil for an Iranian campaign.

It's just wrong. And not only because American lives will be lost again in a foreign land that had done nothing against the american people and their congress.  It's also wrong because any invasion or war against Iran will kill more Iranians.

Given how gungho the US military-industrial complex has become with the recent rash of military purchases by some of the governments in the Middle East, Obama must slide the situation away from a powderkeg, not escalate it to a shoot-out at OK Corrall.

So that it doesn't lose face doing so, Obama and Company should support any mediation efforts by China. It's not because China will have long-term oil and infrastructure interests in Iraq.  It's because the world's economies will be given a better chance to heal this year when Europe is sundering and the US economy needs time and peace for rehabilitative therapy.

To sacrifice everything on the word from someone that someone else is building something for possible but not probable non-civilian use in a bunker that may or may not be bustable by a missile from a drone made in California and supplied to a friendly?

Come around to good sense.  After ten millennia out of the primordial soup, that property shouldn't be the province of only one nation in this Far East, should it?

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Millions of people in Iran being oppressed by their regime.  It is very important that the West free the people from their dictators.  The Iranian people are just as human as everyone else and deserve just as much attention from us.  

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raton Post time: 2015-1-10 01:45
Talk about hypocrisy, And millions of people in Palestinian being oppressed, assassinated and thei ...

You may want to avoid David Duke's website, my friend.  You have been given a lot of disinformation.  I don't blame you for being a victim of hate propaganda: the internet is really not a reliable source for information.  

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