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Why are so many youth fearing Christianity? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-10-26 20:37

See - this forum's first fear-monger and hate preacher! As though we needed that.

It is fine and dandy to caution against the wholesale and blind belief in religious faiths, but it is inh ...

baofang is not against religion.

He just only supports one religion - lslam.

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Look at Mexico, the drug gangs pray to Virgin Mary after their crimes. Immediately, they feel they are saints again. Christianity does not improve moral. Christians feel they are morally superior while they are factually not. Since Christians hate science, they have no scientific way to see this fact.

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What is there to fear about religion? They just 'dislike' it. Christians have been aggressively harassing people to join their faith. And Chinese remembers their past with christian movements that resulted in one of the greatest yet unnecessary civil war in the country.

Today, christians are not only pulling people in the streets to spread the gospels (called 'fuying' in chinese), as I saw in Shanghai, they're also forming factories that employs christians or people who have tendencies to convert. This is employment discrimination. Shouldn't people dislike discrimination and harassment?

In Singapore, christians harass households by knocking at their doors and make incessant phone calls and even send pamphlets to muslims. They park their cars by the roadside during service days which narrowed the passage and caused traffic inconveniences. And most famous of all, church services ALWAYS badmouth other religions. All these incidents made famous headlines in Singapore news. In Malaysia, I've visited christian churches and organised party and each time I hear them ridicule other faiths.

The reason is simple: they believe ONLY their religion can save the souls of humanity. This is superiority complex. Unless they shed this concept, they will never play fair and treat others fairly as if 'God' is unfair to its other creations and won't send other messengers to save the souls of other civilizations. Well, He only has one child called Jesus. If He can make one Jesus, He also can make other childs called Siddharta, Laozi...etc.

This is not a peaceful religion. Western society is abandoning the religion. Why should China embrace it like gem. People should doubt it and question it. That's the way it should. A forward society should behave this way towards religion. Blind following will only result in creating a backward society like Afghanistan

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I apprieciate Christinanity. I believe in God. He helped me go throught many difficult times when I needed and prayed.^^

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So many youth probably dread Christianity

So many youth probably dread Christianity for the same reason they dread getting a bunk mate that constantly talks about how
wonderful his life is by trying to emulate his comic book heroes in the bible and how you should try your best to be just like him.
If you're not then how can you possibly be happy??? An on and on and on....

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Christianity is evil like all the other Abrahamic faiths.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

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Originally posted by greenmt at 2011-10-26 16:30
I'd written a post slaming Chinese's moral decaying-evil they become, lacking pursuit for truth, conscence and beauty of human nature. Then some guy suspected I was a Christian misleading people. I ...

Because Kristian disguise as nice guys when they don't have bullets and bombs in their hand.

Once they have bombs and other ammunition, they'll force you to believe into their nonsense. Or even kill you and convert your kids.

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