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seneca Post time: 2018-1-24 08:24
Gorgeous and you are boring!

   It all come down to much thanks to Uncle Sam,The West and their gospel of preaching and defending the old goat Capitalism by all means and at all costs ...,

- with 4400 nuclear arsenals & 800 military bases worldwide among others ...,

- while isolating, boycotting and terrorizing people's democratic republic nations worldwide at the same time.

   In general,

  - Capitalist Western nations prioritize on behalf of the interest of The Wealthy first and foremost;

  - while People's Democratic Republic nations prioritize on behalf of the interest of The People in general first.

    Enough said.

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  1.        "Speaking of decades long Western sanctions, don't forget the fact that -

  2.       sanctions already killed over a million N. Koreans in famine & starvation in the past."  
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    These innocent people that perished due to decades long Western sanctions are what I called it 'Silent Refugees, in other words, 'Refugees without A Face'.  

And speaking of refugees, from the Western perspective, it's all about those who are used by the West or sided with the West, in the conflict,crisis,war, etc; where the West is involved, and when they are needed to be evacuated for one reason or the other, then the West will raise the issue about 'The Plight of Refugees' throughout the whole wide world.

So how about 'The Refugees' from the other side ..., well, they couldn't care less.   

[And this had been the same old cases throught out history of wars & conflicts the West is involved in, when they go into the region for their own interests, and then divide and conquer, divide and loot, pit one group against another, etc.]

In era of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (George Orwell)

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Mr. Lianghiu,

I could quite agree, since the world we live in is full of wolves wearing sheep's mask, and playing victim.

China must take its own path.
The world is full of wolves wearing a sheep's mask and playing victims.

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MisterLianghui Post time: 2018-1-30 11:19
These innocent people that perished due to decades long Western sanctions are what I calle ...

  True indeed, the West and their dominance factors all play out here.

It all figure it out the fact that 'Refugees' mean their side of refugees, and that's all there is to it, as far as they are concerned.

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