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White Australia Raises its Ugly Head [Copy link] 中文

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The average Australian isn't racist at all and are generally very decent people. The uneducated morons in each country sadly subject their whole population to such criticism. The act of one or the few cannot and must condemn a nation.

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I reviewed the general data regarding the incidence of violence and the data suggested that the incidence of violence to Indians was the same as to the locals

The difference, I suspect, is manifold

Firstly, examples of violence against Indians were far better publicised

Underpinning this is the extreme pressure that student immigrants experience financially, socially and as the hope of their families

Therefore, the violence will be experienced even more acutely, to them

Next, it may interest you to know, from experience, that very few taxi drivers in Sydney are Indian

Most are Chinese

Until quite recently, most taxis in sydney had a shield around the driver's seat - like a bank teller's window

now, there is good CCTV in all taxis, continuously recording - no need for the plastic bubble
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Originally posted by manoj10 at 2011-9-1 18:12

Emucentral , Lebeast are some more. But there does exist a more significant amount of thugs and racist there.

My friend came from Australia two weeks before, he told me how they hurled raci ...

do you know which suburb he alighted?
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Originally posted by manoj10 at 2011-9-1 16:42

he told me how they hurled racist abuse on him calling him a dark monkey when he was boarding the taxi to the airport.  ...

That is a terrible experience.

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How to Deal with SAVAGES NATION?

If you can't beat them, join them!


This is a very simple rule, my Chinese/Asian friends.     

          The ugly truth is that the WhiteAnglo Savage nation like Australia, built upon the pillage   plunder of

continential massive land of Asia, just a few ten miles from the southern tip of southEast Asia; as they have

sailed five thousands miles all the way from their tiny little island in Europe under centuries long colonial

era when the whole wide world was under their feet.  

  These are an outright ugly pictures, my friend. And on top of that these folks play out some of the worst dirty

little hurtful tricks  such as racism in order to justify their taking over others' land, or colonising other

nations in the past, or simply to justify their superiority, thus make you lose your self-esteem, etc.

    [ For fairness sake, I should mention that  Anglo are not alone. WhiteRussian practice that too over native

Siberian/Asian people over there in their Pillage & Plunder Looted land of so-called Motherland Far East Russia.

More on Russian Savage see under- " What Is Wealth? " ].

As a matter of fact, I have been to some former colonial countries in Asia, Africa and Canada. Guess what,

you heard the same stories over and over; in respect of how they treated the natives, through racism,

through divide    and conquer, divide    and rule. Of course, these strategies apparently work  well for

them to this day.      

So these are one too many centuries old dirty little tricks that they have been playing out on people all over

the world by many many generations of their people. In other words, it's in their blood!      

        ++  My suggestion to my Chinese/Asian friends is that -

Have a little bit of their blood, however dirty it may be. Apply those dirty little tricks back to them.

Use racism as a first defense before they come down on you.

Use divide & conquer , divide &  rule strategy before they attack you in full swing.

And good luck!         

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Originally posted by manoj10 at 2011-9-1 18:05
I do have a bad view about a significant number of Aussies as being racist and thugs

and it is fair to say that low class Aussies are quite ignorant of other countries, other than recognising a hot chick or tasty food

this ignorance is borne of an insular mentality, an illusion

India is familiar with racism, as are most countries

I think you have your own Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, 1965

The plight of the Dalits will be familiar

The world is still captive to its past, but is changing, I think
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Originally posted by lebeast at 2011-9-1 02:21 PM

do you know which suburb he alighted?

If I am not wrong. He mentioned it as Footscray

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