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Will every Chinese family afford to buy a car? [Copy link] 中文

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Every Family owns a car in USA, Europe, British Club and most of the Asian Trade Route States (with exception to Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong! - These states could not afford the DEFISIT TRADE in Fuel Trade - that's the new OPIUM trade in the 20th century - and it was solved in a  "civil, peaceful way")

Seems well organized.

The trick is CLEAN RUNNING cars, lot's of TOWN PLANNING - quick traffic dispersal, high speed throughfairs, and efficient parking systems.


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The ONLY problem is

USA, British Club has BIG ACCESS to not only Energy for electricity BUT Fuel for vehicles!
These countries consumes up to 7 tonnes COE per capita.

ATRS, EU has RESTRICTED, LIMITED ACCESS to Fuel for vehicle but not to Energy for electricity.
These countries consumes up to 5 tonnes COE per capita.

In fact BR(A)MS state had Fuel and Energy restrictions too (except Russia, which is a big producer of both type of energy!) These state can only consume up to 2.5 tonnes COE per capita.

China DUE IT'S large population, HAS huge sources of both ENERGY and FUEL.
It has to adjust it's PRUDENTIAL LIMITED fuel and energy source to less than 2.5 tonnes COE per capita.
China has to find ways to USE ENERGY-FUEL efficiently by CAREFUL MANIPULATION, and technological development to provide material goods to all Chinese Citizens.

This include up to 20% in RENEWABLE Energy for electricity. (The Hydro, PV, Wind, Biomass cogeneration is the early result). The next is TECHNOLOGY improvements in efficiency. (We expect DISTRICT UTILITIES which has efficiency of up to 90% due to use of both Electricity and HEAT generated in a Safe, Clean, Pollution free method), and AUTOMOTIVE construction standards (which includes FLEET milleage laws, that would introduce HYBRID cars - probably light electric vehicles).

BUT everybody in CHINA can afford a car or vehicle.
THIS is the CHALLENGE for China, AND how it would become a GLOBAL INNOVATION, INVENTION, CREATIVE centre of the world!


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A lot of INNOVATION is possible in China.

For example, in Northern China

Building of SMALLER homes (less than 600sq.ft), with insulation, "smart heating-cooling" systems will save TREMENDOUSLY on Electricity, fuel for burners. It might have to past over "coal briquette" for "natural gas" and "electricity" to ensure a cleaner enviroment. Construction cost includes LAMINATION of insulators to reduce heat or cool air transmission helps.

It needs to have DISTRICT UTILITIES implemented for the same efficient result.
We can probably create 2x more GNP for the same unit of FUEL or ENERGY.

In the SUPER CENTRES, massive MASS RAPID TRANSIT, electric walkways, electric bus-trams will ensure less FUEL use for the citizen using AUTOMOBILE. Road Pricing, Car Parking cost adds on the cost of Automobile use frequency!

In the LOGISTICS movements - fast, bureacratic free, movements of CONTAINERIZED CARGO using the MASSIVE RAIL NETWORK could reduce the use of less ENERGY efficient trucking especially long distant cargo between provinces.

In China, there is 5 primary SUPER CENTRES and up to 221 cities with more than 1 million citizens.

The Work might seem DIFFICULT to the UNEDUCATED but it can be done.
And that's the PATH for China to be No.1 again!


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