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9-11 Plot—’Made in Israel’   [Copy link] 中文

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"9-11 was good for Israel"- Netanyahu.

It was also good for Larry Silverstein's bank account... $4 billion worth of insurance payouts, not bad for a $100 million 99 year lease.

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Originally posted by GreedyHyena at 2011-9-10 19:43
- Criticizing (bashing) governments is essential in democracies

- but often deadly in other systems.

Yes, and the existence of a lively 9-11 debate here in CDBBS shows clearly how freedom of speech is flourishing in China, compared with, say, Germany where jail time is mandatory for questioning a certain number of 6 million.

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Originally posted by cjamesyee at 2011-9-10 22:38

Cindy Lauper did a song about that  ..........

"True Colours" ............

And while the hatred flows you salesmen believers will never be any more than just hypocrites .........

Sure there is something wrong, but you just project ignorance like all the others ........

The cure is for you to understand that it is the Elite that drive the game, and minions from all ideals should unite to broker the peace ............

But when you cannot even unite your own simplistic myths, what chance is there  .............

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Inside Job

9/11 was an inside job.There were no planes.Watch 9/11 Taboo,September Clues,South Tower Anomalies III,
Theory of Ghostplane and other truth classics.

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Skeptics continue to grow

58% of French people now disbelieve the official story of 9-11, according to a survey conducted last June by H.E.C. Paris.

Earlier, another survey of Germans found that 89% of them doubt the official version of 9-11 as well.

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Why the first doubt comes on muslim in a minute

My blood relative completed her round in the hospital and comes in the lobby found many gathered in front of television screen and a horrible show under way.In US many kind of horor film been made----it is one of them.Her chief was very unneccesarily wiping standing behind the desk.She alarted herself and asked whats happened???

---------the answer was.

She just jumpover and take her black gown and scraf  running out from the hospital sreaming to the superior let me save my two child in the school.

She ran to the car parking not far from the building.But a police man caught her and prevented from going elsewhere.She was appealed for release her to rescue two small child but the police answered the muslim terror attack America and you are a suspected with burqa.Her superior comes out from hospital door successfully managed the police that she is an employee of here byshowing her ID and she again ran to the car.

Who actually declared first to the media and to the street police communication network that it was a attack from muslim??

Are there anyone to answer??

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