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Al-Qaeda asset leading rebels in Tripoli [Copy link] 中文

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Webster Tarpley On RT:

Al-Qaeda Pirates To Grip Mediterranean If Rebels Take Over –

We Are Looking At A Very Long War

Posted On Aug 27

The UN has called for restraint in Libya amid reports of abuses and alleged summary killings by both rebels and Gaddafi loyalists. The Security Council has also agreed to release 1.5 billion-dollars in Libyan assets to help deal with humanitarian needs. The opposition continues to claim that Tripoli is largely under its control, while the National Transitional Council says it’s moved from its stronghold of Benghazi to the capital. There are reports of heavy resistance by Gaddafi forces, with the Colonel’s whereabouts still unknown. Meanwhile, Gaddafi has aired another radio message, claiming he’s fighting on the frontline. NATO has denied previous reports that it’s assisting the rebels in the hunt to find him. Now more analysis on the latest developments in Libya from author and investigative journalist Webster Tarpley, who’s in Washington.

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How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli

Abdelhakim Belhaj, the top rebel military commander in still war-torn Libya, is an al-Qaeda asset. It doesn't require a crystal ball to picture that his group - being among the war "winners" - will not be interested in relinquishing control just to please the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Libya may now face the specter of Muammar Gaddafi forces against a weak transitional central government and NATO boots on the ground; and the Belhaj-led nebula in a jihad also against NATO (if they are sidelined from power). - Pepe Escobar (Aug 29, '11)

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Reply #9 sansukong's post

the Gadafi is hiding in some drains and will soon be hanged.

al qaeda will made peace with the west.

all is well.

and important that arabs join hands with west to defeat the sausuk skunks from the far east. hahahahahahahahaha

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"Al qaeda" ...

is created by the West and the Zionist entity.

Originally posted by sansukong at 2011-8-29 01:03

Pepe Escobar: Al-Qaeda asset leading rebels in Tripoli

[i ...

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Reply #11 seneca's post

Very sad indeed. Your buddy, 'Revolutionar' is vigorously promoting the Al Quada

as the liberating champions of Libya. How is that you two are having differing

opinion? Aren't you two breathing from the same nostrils?

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I am reposting this to refreash your memory what I did actually previously said and referred those

in the photos to as "猪 肚 里 面 翻 到 外 面 就 是 猪 粪"

No one that really matters considers Libya's ruling Madman anything approaching

"sovereign", "peaceful leader" or "respectable".


McCain-Hillary in 2009: Libya is "An Important Ally in the War on Terrorism",

Gaddafi is "a Peacemaker in Africa"

by Manlio Dinucci     Global Research, April 25, 2011

Senator John McCain, former candidate of the Republican right to the latest U.S. presidential elections, went
on a mission in Benghazi, where he called for Washington to recognize the transitional national council as
the legitimate government of Libya, helping it to overthrow Qadhafi.

Short memory. Just twenty months ago, August 14, 2009, the same McCain met Muammar Qadhafi in Tripoli,
praising him for "his role as peacemaker in Africa".

The delegation led by McCain included three other senators; the Libyan one was composed of Muammar
Qadhafi, his son Moutassim (who, as a national security adviser, had met in Washington, in April, the
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton), and three senior officials.

The U.S. side called Libya "an important ally in the war on terrorism",

stressing that "common enemies make better friends".


The ordinary Chinese have a common saying to describe these people ..........

"猪 肚 里 面 翻 到 外 面 就 是 猪 粪"

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Saddam was an ally too

and Osama
(beast ex machina)

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