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Speculaing on Ghadafi's fate. [Copy link] 中文

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I expect he will die along with thousands of his people under NATO's terrorist bombing campaign, and helicopter gunships that are attacking the city. With the people armed and defending themselves the NATO rats and NATO special forces can not take the city on their own.

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The news from Libya this week has been very bad; Tripoli has reportedly come under attack with NATO gunships attacking the civilian manned checkpoints at entrances to the city in addition to the aerial bombing that has been ongoing for months. The Libyan loyalists will go down in history as valiant heroes who fought against impossible odds in defence of their democracy and human rights. The lucky ones are those who were killed; they will be remembered in history as heroes, and will not be slaves to a capitalist regime.

The survivors will face a bleak future ruled by the capitalist controlled terrorists who will take control. Libyans will no longer enjoy free education, free health care, interest free loans to buy homes, or yearly payments from the profits made on their oil. Life will become a permanent living hell for the Libyans who have survived this monstrous terrorist assault who will be forced to live under the jackboots of the capitalist bankers who will control the puppet government that will be set up.

Che’ Guevara said: “If you have nothing worth dying for you have nothing worth living for.” It appears today that many Libyans had something worth dying for.

Many people in Libya, and Tripoli have died in the murderous terrorist air attacks by NATO and many more are dying in the streets of Tripoli today fighting. By abandoning the outer defences of the city that were under constant air attack and withdrawing into the city NATO no longer had any easily identifiable targets and when the terrorists rushed in they found themselves without air support and actually having to fight for their lives instead of just killing, looting, and raping the city. Unopposed the terrorists rushed in and quickly claimed control of the city only to discover they were trapped like rats in a maze being killed at will by the defenders,

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who Care!

Who care!


All the West wants is OIL.

More oil means,  more wealth = more power     control = more wealth  

Through this simple cycle,

This same old colonial master (old devil under new skins) Anglo-led West, with their new slogan -

'New World Order' - will sure do RULE     ENSLAVE us for another several centuries more to come.

+++++++++++++   If you dont get it, you dont get it ,my Chinese friends!   +++++++++++++++++++

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Originally posted by baofeng at 2011-8-21 13:59

Will you die with your boots on, or with a whimper as you feed the cat its last supper?

I don't have a strong enough conviction in anything which would warrant me to die with my boots on. Sorry.
jia na da ren

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Originally posted by GreedyHyena at 2011-8-23 02:28
You have been invited to attend the colonel's funeral !

I want to be first in line at the funeral to p*ss on his grave.
jia na da ren

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Libya for Libyans!

Hahaha! Gaddaffi finished? I think you are finished in your mind!

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