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BREAKING NEWS! [Copy link] 中文

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Huge blast rocks US base in Afghanistan

Thu Aug 18, 2011

A large number of American soldiers have reportedly been killed and wounded in eastern Afghanistan after a powerful blast hit a US military base in the war-torn country.

The incident occurred early Thursday when a truck bomb went off inside the US military base in Gardez city, the capital of Afghanistan's Paktia province, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming hundreds of kilograms of explosives were concealed in the truck.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the huge explosion left a large number of American troops killed and wounded.


Make the US evildoers suffer:
All the resistance forces in the region need to make the US warmongers and childkillers bleed to death. Zionist controlled brainwashed Islamophobic US needs to learn some very harsh lessons if they do not leave Muslim lands ASAP. Iraq should also make the ground burn under the savage US invaders feet.

Please don't hate Americans, we have no control over what our government does.. The people in America are now waking up to the fact that our Government is evil.

Shahriarin reply to king[_]da74:
The American government is a reflection of its people. Even those Americans that are against this incompetent president, or the one before him, still support the troops that are murdering Muslims around the planet, and only oppose a war when it begins to kill Americans. There is a good reason it is called "we the people". There is also a good reason the entire planet has come to hate Americans as much as Israelis.

When it rains, it pours. Today Venezuelan president Sir Chavez announced nationalize gold mining and requested the immediate withdraw of Venezuelan 110 tons of gold supposedly being hold in the vaults of Bank of England, Nova Scotia, and JP Morgan. Sir Chavez has called Obama's bluffs and get the White House Monkey-In-Chief cornered.Checkmate!

BBin reply to Henkley:
Its not Checkmate yet. He may get his Gold from Nova Scotia, possibly even the Bank of England, but the odds are less than 50-50 he will receive anything other than paper dollars from JP Morgan. Remember what happened to Mr. Gaddafi when he tried to do a power play. I wish Mr Chavez well, but it could get ugly.

Great news started coming from Afghanistan. You will also hear the same kind of news from Iraq as well if they will not leave the country.

zee uk:
this surely is a blessed month! US say they have the upper hand while their troops are getting blasted from the air, their stooges are getting slaughtered in their homes, their meetings are getting gate-crashed and now their bases aren't safe havens for them. Aipac will be sponsering a new candidate coz with this type of news obama won't survive another election. Hahaha
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Taliban: 64 US troops killed in Kandahar

Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:45PM GMT

The Taliban claim that 64 US-led troops have been killed in two bomb attacks they launched in the southern city of Kandahar earlier on Saturday.

According to incoming reports one attack claimed the lives of 36 US-led soldiers and the second attack killed 28 troops.
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Gloating over deaths again?

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8/28/2011 7:25:16 AM
Zionists stooge USA needs wars like Vietnam to make it realize that it can not wage murderous wars and win them!! Afghanistan is another graveyard fr the Zionists/USA/NATO armies!!

Really?in reply to REALIST
8/28/2011 8:29:40 AM
So, if Vietnam should have been a lesson to the US AND its "peace loving" people, why did they start not just one but FOUR wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan & Libya). Savage Westerners NEVER learn! Look at some posts here; these savages have the nerve to justify their murderous rapist armies.

8/28/2011 5:59:33 AM
good job freedom fighter of afghanistan (talibans ) i am waiting to see your numbers are rising to above 100s. an each attack. close all root for there supplys and have them get stuck in your area, so you can easly take them down, oh i love it when they go down just like a leavs from the tree. thanks freedom fighters. make my day. everyday.

8/28/2011 5:35:54 AM
US aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya is not about oil but rather to protect Israel from those wanting to help Palestinians take back lands stolen by Israeli terrorists. Israel can "commandeer" America's military because its lobby has the money, manpower and media to assure election to Congress. Oil development by top-notch American technology is welcome all over the world and oil is available to all on the international market.

truth seeker
8/28/2011 3:15:02 AM
Before the onset of the winter, the fighting would intensify as you can see that many US soldiers( May not be exactly 64) and Taliban-Al queda fighters get killed. Drone attacks are the most effective ones as the Al-Queda No.2 Atiyah Abd al-Rahiman got killed.

Tariq Sharif
8/28/2011 2:03:34 AM
The resistance will be victorious, Inshallah !

Rohan Hayaat
8/28/2011 1:54:06 AM
Osama Bin Laden was1 man but the US wasted Billions (or trillions) of dollars on that 1 man and it came to waste. Osama Bin Laden was just trying to protect the innocent people of Afghanistan. America is in Afghanistan/Iraq for THEIR the precious oil. US planned the wars long before 9/11. 9/11 was an inside job, from my point of view.

8/28/2011 1:30:23 AM
the americans lied about Iraq having weapons and invaded a souvering nation on a false dossier pack of lies. therefore, why wouldnt hide the losses they are sustaining on battelfield. the americans have admitted that so called afghan government are corrupt and only people who are not corrupt are the truthful taliban. Afghanistan is the grave yard of empires and crusaders are being anithilated by a freedom fighters with primitive weapons

8/27/2011 9:57:05 PM
If the news is true, Americans, British and French must confess that they have lost the battle. As they are killing innocent people in Libya, may be they will realise that the battle for oil they have waged agaisnt Gadafi is not a winnable, a rebel will cannot be trusted and start building hopes of viable oil business.

Voice of Africa
8/27/2011 9:40:43 PM
The Heroic Taliban never makes empty announcements. We therefore give the Taliban a 1 month standing ovation for this heroic work. The More pink "white" terrorist occupation gunmen you kill the better for both Afghanistan and Africa.

Iranian from Europein reply to Voice of Africa
8/27/2011 11:31:08 PM are a character mr. voice of africa.

8/27/2011 7:44:35 PM
This is terrible, how many more have to die before the people of America rise up against their talmudic overseers?

Washedin reply to SerpentSlayer
8/27/2011 11:44:21 PM
What's terrible is not the death of 64 American terrorists in occupied land, what's terrible is the outright murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people living their lives in their own homes in THEIR OWN COUNTRY. Now if you do not understand that, you are a true waste of oxygen on this planet. PERIOD. And if you are washed beyond belief to not comprehend the above statement, like most washed ppl in the West. I have nothing else to say to you. They are begging for WW3.

Irish guy
8/27/2011 7:27:19 PM
Great news ? If you think it is great news that poor people have been killed to make the wealthy richer , you are an animal. Its not their fault they are in the fighting, they are lied to and sent to die. So praise their death but understand we are all human beings and division is our weakness

Americanin reply to Irish guy
8/28/2011 1:57:55 AM
Mr. Irish guy, what's is your position on Hitler's or Nazi soldiers? Please publish it here so that everyone can see it. Thank you in advance.

Persian Guyin reply to Irish guy
8/27/2011 11:55:26 PM
Irish guy, if they stayed in their own country and STFU and collected their welfare cheques, they would not be in this situation now would they. And if the U.S govt did not invade and murder ridiculous numbers of ppl living their lives in their OWN COUNTRY, for the sole theft of OIL and demand creation for their bombs, they would not be 16 trillion in the red, and hated by pretty much every single country on the planet, now would they!

avatar singhin reply to Irish guy
8/27/2011 11:43:37 PM
thse so called heroic troops knew whatg they were going intyo-to loot other country with assurance that freedom fighters have not got stringer missile to counter hel-borne terrirists from britian and america. itis goign on for last 10 years so everybody knows. taliban not to attack the british convoy-itis such a shamleful truth.the more british troops are killed as opposed to any nato troops the quicket afgan will be free of thse parasites

Oho commonin reply to Irish guy
8/27/2011 8:11:31 PM
u r saying they are innocent, what a jewish brained washed fellow you are, my innocent friend...Like this filthy western occupier soldier has killed,raped,destroyed million of afghan today they are being paid..As wise man words 'tit for tat'. For u taliban may terrorist but for afghan they are hero and nato's are their terrorist..

Seekerin reply to Irish guy
8/27/2011 7:52:33 PM
They are poor people with guns! Nobody told them to join the military and shoot Civilians...

mikein reply to Irish guy
8/27/2011 7:50:32 PM
@irish guy, if you're stupid enough to believe the lies and go fight then you deserve to die, no man or women is made to fight, you can leave when ever you want.

8/27/2011 6:18:30 PM
This is not the first time Taliban claim to have killed numerous US soldiers and each time, it was not true. Example: about 3 weeks ago and it was not true. However, if it is true, yes, this is good news. By the way, how do they know the exact amount of soldiers killed? Do they take time to count them? I doubt it. Propaganda, as usual.

Alkhairin reply to luisa
8/27/2011 6:54:58 PM
If you do not belive Talban go to Sindh Provence of Pakistan and at the military Airport in Jacobabad you will find dozens of warehoses they are full of USA soldiers remains. People of the city have many times complaind of stink.

Taliban never says liesin reply to luisa
8/27/2011 6:35:20 PM
Propanganda is always used by western occupier...not Taliban.. Telling lies is strictly prohibited in islam...I think ur brain washed by some jewy cancers...

8/27/2011 6:06:36 PM
Music to my ears!

send more to hell
8/27/2011 5:59:40 PM
great news!!64 more murderers & terrorists have being sent to hell to account for their terrorist acts against innocent afghan civilians in front of GOD almighty.GOD bless the brave resistence fighters,who r fighting for freedom 4rm oppression & terrorism of zionazi slave america & its gang of nato devils.

freedom fighterin reply to send more to hell
8/27/2011 6:44:19 PM
Anytime that i will hear that,us or nato troop are been kill i give tank to Almighty God.US or nato are nothing but HATERS of Islam so beware of them we muslim.May God protect us from these people.
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Originally posted by JFenix at 2011-8-28 20:36
Gloating over deaths again?

Just reporting the news so that everyone can find out the truth..

Why do you want to hide it from civilized peoples everywhere?

Scared they will find out?
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Its not about the 'truth' or hiding anything.

Its the fact that you enjoy hearing about americans dying.

Do you ever see american posters on here gloating over taliban deaths?

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You are one hell of a paranoid dumb stupid Anglo!

Originally posted by JFenix at 2011-8-28 21:23
Its not about the 'truth' or hiding anything.

Its the fact that you enjoy hearing about americans dying.

Do you ever see american posters on here gloating over taliban deaths?

In which of Posts  #1 or #2 do you see gloating?
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