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China's First Carrier Threatens Who ? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by drakninja at 2011-7-29 17:11

want u said go both way. but in the end of the day. the first person the use the finish blow win.

china have most of the upper hand. we have money. we can destroy america just by sell al ...

Yes , We got money, we're gonna have more carriers

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your is missing logic

you reply without reading everything. and you defense for your logic is weak.

if you read want i write before you reply then it would have been more intelligent. you keep insisting that world war 3 is going to be one side.

you don't seem to live in the reality of today. you mind is like a 80 year old how don't understand the world we are living in.

you don't seem to fully understand how a country work and how a war in done. money and power is the goal of the war.

you think war how every have the biggest gun will win.

sad sad just sad.

the the topic is about want china carrier is threaten who. it simple. it is the american ability to project power of asia. why some people worry about it.

because it seem too be the only thing american people still can be pound of. if they military is not number one want are they good. for. apple, microsoft, cisco. don't hired a lot of people and they are internationally company. china huawei tech company hire more them they do and is rising in the tech world.

In america nothing is really working out. the first black president, government, job, and basic care.

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DSseeing you maybe right.

but i think it should not be more then 3.

it cost money and time. which can be better spend on other project.

like our nano technology we did get 3 time more funded they last time. (that made me proud)
like our fission fusion research that is geting 5 time more funding (that made me so happy)

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Reply #23 drakninja's post

Oh, I read you alright but you seem to think that China can simply counter the US at every turn. I don't believe so, nor do I believe it'll be a "one way" war. The losses on both sides would be incredible!
On topic; China threatens neighbouring countries with it's military build up. As yet, there's nothing there to threaten the US really, except the 2nd artillery, but we both know what'll happen should that unit be ordered to fire it's weapons. No more need be said really.

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I think they should use the carrier to take the damaged CHR trains back to the factories.

That will be a full time job soon!

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think for a sec. exportedkiwi

want have china been working on since the founding of the country. it is to counter any and all treat. the only country that is a threatens any other country in this century in american. so the counter is aim at it. do you think the ccp been waste hard earn resource for nothing.

The bigger you are the more weakness you have. that is basic fact. like the roman empire, british empire, or even the french empire fail because the military got greedy.

america is following in the footstep of the past failure.

"On topic; China threatens neighbouring countries with it's military build up. As yet, there's nothing there to threaten the US really"

ok you think that nothing can threaten the use. the us bond market down grade. the inability to pass law. the fact that it take one nuclear war head to start doom day.

i picture the america like the game fall out .

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It's simple, Aircraft Carriers are offensive weapons, not defensive. They are designed to wage an expeditionary war, and that is what scares China's neighbors.

I can list several neighboring countries not on good terms with China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the philippines, all of which are trying to hide behind the USN in the region.

Unlike the popular belief, an Aircraft carrier is NOT a potent defensive weapon, as shown countless times in WWII, thusly, any country building aircraft carriers has intentions conducting warfare far away from home.

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