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China's First Carrier Threatens Who ? [Copy link] 中文

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world is run by power. baby. power

money = power
money = influence
money = a ability to maintain a strong military.

want is the American doing with the luck and money. wasted and getting fat.
government have fail way too many time. the error of the pass is adding up and slow coming to bite them in the butt.

Chinese empire fall and rise. made mistake and it came to bite them. and number it back up. it will take around 4000 year before the next circle go around.
we have a lot of experience being number one. we are only set back down the set that we are so use too.

we do care want people do.we mine our own business that have been the trend for decade. we won't go fight other country un provoke like someone everyone knows.

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2011-9-5 11:54
.........whether the FRENCH will really sell the BARRACUDA class SSN to the Brazil navy?

That'll be very interesting situation!
I read, Brazil Embraer has developed it's own fighter bombers, tr ...

A little birdie tells me that the Brazilians will acquire some BARRACUDAs and then license build them. As for Embraer, yes, they have a few models/prototypes of more advanced combat aircraft. I can confirm that through contacts I've been in touch with but as to other stuff, I don't know yet. I do know that Brazil is making great srides into producing it's own military equipment which is good for them.

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We got to watch BRAZIL and INDIA.

This states is "gearing up" to join the ranks of BIG POWER, with BIG BOYS toys!
The other day, i was reading some Brazil news, and it seems that Brazil has space launch ambitions too!
The military budget of Brazil is US$28 billion, while that of India is US$35 billion!

ha ha ha


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I see no reason to watch either of them yet but it will be interesting to see how both countries develop their own generic weapons indusries.

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It's really INTERESTING, especially in the Brazil, as it would mean "more independent self determination" for the potential big power.

Brazil, Mexico, Venezeula are all under the "thumb" of the "monroe doctrine".

As for India, their growing "military might" will set out "alarm bells" in London, Moscow, Singapore, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo and Washington D.C.


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i hate to admit their is something i agree with the bird that can't fly or see reality.

any country the can't make their own weapon. they are no threat to anyone. unless u have a nuclear weapon. then u are protected for American.

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South american is no threat to anyone

unless u talking about the drug gang.

India have a long run to go before it can be a true world ranking power. Democracy is for good rich country that only have to worry about small number of people. everyone can have their view hear with out cause a fight. but in a large country like india i meant slow improvement in every area. bad distribution of wealth, and bad government.

Pakistan is the mess because they have India as a nabors. They fight to much.

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