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What do you think of the future of the Communist Party of China? [Copy link] 中文

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butterfly effect from microblog

It was a class about history of Communist Party of China held in Shanghai Jiaotong University. The class was lectured by Yu Zhengsheng. The students are party members and part of teachers' delegates in Shanghai Jiaotong university. About 5,000 people attended this class held in 2011-06-20.

A red slogan - "Purity, Firmness, following the Party for ever!" - was shining in the classroom. The class was about 2 hours. Yu Zhengsheng discussed May 5th movement, the establish of new China, culture revolution, etc those sensitive historical topics, and also touched the sensitive topics in present society.

Why did Yu Zhengsheng hold this Party's history class in Shanghai Jiaotong University?

On mid May, one party members shared a "joke" from microblog in a meeting. One university graduate attended a job interview. The manager asked her, are you party member? That university graduate answered nervously, "There are still some of good people inside of the Party."

Later the local party organization held a discussion on Crisis of Belief. After discussion the Party members decided the theme of this round of discussion. The theme was "no matter when, no matter where, tell others we are party members." Under the current situation, many party members are subjectively cold to their own party's identities; many party members prefer to hide their party' identities in the discussion about some sensitive topics."

And this class was come after those party members sent an invitation letter to Yu Zhengsheng.

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source: a newspaper in Guangzhou
h ttp://w

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About the birth of Communist Party of China (CPC), about New China, about Mao Zedong

At 2 pm of 2011-06-20, 5000 people began to sing the Red songs: "Ode to the Motherland", "Defend the Yellow River", "Come back from target practice" etc.

Half an hour later, Yu Zhengsheng came at classroom. Yu Said, "I want to talk about 2 themes, one is the firmness, another is loyalty."

Yu said, it's an open society now. Some books weren't printed inside of China, but ome into China from types of channels. "It's not an easy job" to maintain a political firmness under the complex social environment.

Later, following the clue of history of CPC, Yu said several "how to judge".

(The 1st, how to judge the birth of Communist party of China.[1])

Yu said, "Some of media hold such type of views. They believe after May 4th movement ... ... the ideology of Saving China made China to lose an opportunity of developing capitalist democracy. Later China slipped into revolution cycle." Yu Zhengsheng said, "May 4th movement is a time of saving China,  ... ... This judgement was not made only based on some phenomena took place inside of universities."

Yu said, "of course, the newspaper didn't mention CPC, but assert that, under the ideology of Saving China, the developments of democracy and republic were disrupted." Yu said, "Where did I read those remarks, It was in the newspapers in our Shanghai, what's more, they are copied from newspaper in Beijing."

Yu cited an article in newspaper to answer this question. That article said more than 200,000 Chinese died in Haiyuan Earthquake in1920, Ningxia province. It was one month later when the local government the first time reported this information to Central government in Beijing (Beiyang Government). It was extremely limited disaster relieve gotten from central central government. "Now, Nostalgia of old Shanghai - 1930s' Shanghai - are popular among many Shanghainese. In 1930s, Shanghai was the financial center and cultural center of China. But what did rich old Shanghai do for that Haiyuan earthquake? What did the rich merchants in Shanghai do for that Haiyuan earthquake?"

Yu said, "May 4th time is a Saving China time. ... ... We can't make a judgement of a society from phenomena inside of universities." Yu stressed that, the birth of CPC was to fight for poor ordinary Chinese. The birth of CPC was to stop the situation of ignoring the suffers of ordinary Chinese by the society and the bureaucrats. It was the cause of birth of CPC.

The 2nd, how to judge the establishment of New China.

Yu said, "Some people said the victory of CPC was that CPC defeated Kuo Min Tang (KMT) in battle field.. I don't think it is right. The root cause is the endorsement and the support of ordinary Chinese."

Yu said, "Some Chinese said, the land reform was that gang groups in villages got the asserts of landlords - aimless fighting and aimless killing. Did such cases take place? Yes! But the consequence of aimless fighting and aimless killing was the resistance of ordinary Chinese in that area. This type of resistance also happened in 1937~1945. But why did so many ordinary Chinese supported Liberation Army and CPC? Basically, the land reform won Chinese heart; the land reform got the endorsement and the support of ordinary Chinese."

The 3rd, how to judge the exploration of building a socialist society.

Yu said, Culture revolution was a disaster. It was not only the personal mistakes of Mao Zedong, but also the mistakes of the Party.

He said, "My mom began to be prosecuted from 1966. She was in jail from 1968. She had some mental problems after she went out of jail in 1975. My little sister suicided. 7 people among my relatives died in culture revolution."

"Why do we still hold a positive views of Chairman Mao? He made serious mistakes. Why? Personally, I think first his books and his philosophy affected many people including me. I deeply respect chairman Mao though he committed such large mistakes. Just because of that, many people try to defame him. Many people said many books of chairman Mao were written by Hu Qiaomu. It's b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t. Hu Qiaomu didn't have the ability to write those books. Secondly, Why did he launch culture revolution? I think he believed that our country can't simply develop production. He believed that our country need to stop the birth of new capitalist and stop workers and farmers slipping into lower social class again. His incentive was understandable." Yu said, "He was on the wrong track. ... ... Many present phenomena tell us his worry again. But it's wrong to go on a wrong track for his worry."

Yu said, before 1978, ordinary Chinese still trusted CPC. "Just because ordinary Chinese knew that CPC had been arduously exploring for ordinary Chinese. CPC was never hiding its own problems and mistakes."

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[1] it didn't appear in original news report. I added this sentence here.
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When I see these big cars, big luxury houses and these fat peoples, I wonder wht do you mean with the word "communist"...

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How to judge the contradictions in the present society.

"China made huge progress in the past 30 years. But there are still many new problems." Yu said, one is the widening income gap. The yearly salaries of some executives in banks are several million yuan. The yearly salaries of CEOes of banks are several ten million yuan. "But the minimum wage rate in Shanghai is 1,200 a month. It is the hundreds and thousands of times of gap.

"I think we didn't fundamentally contain the corruption inside of CPC. From the latest case of minister of Railway, the corruption were counted by hundred millions of yuan and hundred millions of yuan. There were billions of illegal commission. The government officials were leading a dissipated wasteful life."

Yu said, the present social conflicts emerged steadily. "some social conflicts were caused by government officials without experience. These social conflicts could be handled at the early stage. some social conflicts were rendered larger and larger, actually it were not so large."

What caused those contradictions in the present society?

Yu said, the 1st was that the fast economic development lead the phasic disorder. This type of fast development, the changes of (wealth) distribution, the drastic price changes of assets drove people to get benefits.

"It's normal." Yu said, what did CPC? CPC was united by ordinary Chinese to struggle after ordinary Chinese realized the interests imbalance. CPC just did that. Why did revolution win? Ordinary Chinese thought their interests lied there. So ordinary Chinese united around CPC. Now the interests are diversified and changed a lot. It is a phasic feature. It can't be avoidable for any fast developing country.

Yu said, the 2nd was that the widening income gap was caused by the division of global industries. It didn't happen only in China.

Yu said, "the 3rd was the ignorance in our works and the defects of the system." In 1993, Deng Xiaoping once said that, the (wealth) distribution would be more difficult to handle than the development. We need to raise this problem at the end of century and the early of the next century. We need to encourage to explore with types of ways. "I think we didn't discuss and practice enough on Deng Xiaoping's guidelines."

Yu said, "There are defects of the system in the surveillance of government officials. I don't talk too much about that." According to the present regulation, Yu's monthly salary is RMB 11,000. "It is not too high and it is not too low." But it is lower than mayor of Shanghai, Han Zheng[1]. The cigarette were bought by myself. The clothes were also bought at market price.

Yu said, We can't solve the present problems in a hurry. We shouldn't adopt the way of culture revolution to solve the corruption among government officials. "What lesson did we get from 1949, the beginning of new China? It is too rush. The beginning was running into Communist society. Now is the competition of GDP. So there are such large amount of investments and such large amount of Currency Supply."

"At last we need to find the new routes and new ways, the way depended by surveillance." Yu said, he investigated the work in Chongming island in October last year. After investigation, the local government officials invited him to visit local lake. After he had got down from a boat, one traveler said hello to Yu. "Hello, Yu Secretary. Did you buy the ticket? If not, I will buy the ticket for you." "We need to increase the openness. (We need to place the government power) under the surveillance of ordinary Chinese and the society. We need find a breakthrough of the present system. We need to broaden the surveillance of ordinary Chinese and the society."

[1]Yu Zhengsheng is the number 1 guy in Shanghai.
Mayor of Shanghai, Han Zheng is the number 2 guy in Shanghai.

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2011-6-26 22:45
May Fourth Movement (1919) was primarily designed to throw out the gweilos and Japs from occupied Chinese terrrtories.
There are now no foreign occupation forces on Mainland this moment of ti ...

details in the following 2 links

Birth of Chinese Communism - May Fourth Movement
h ttp://

What triggered the May 4th movement in 1919?

h ttp://
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I'm a fan of the Party.

I could point out problems that I see but let's face it. they recognize and know way more about these issues than I do. (And are actually trying to address them and not just commenting on an internet forum)

Congratulations on the CPC 90th Anniversary!
Good Gweilo: My job is the ideological quality control

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