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Human Rights Abuse - What the UK doesn't want you to know [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by LCSULLA at 2011-6-24 21:53
They can impose sales tax on the transaction as well,
only then the value of the transaction is a matter of contract freedom.
can't force you to apply the highest m2 price in the area.

But they have the powers to retrospectively apply the (or then) current market valuation data ...........

And assess based on that .........

Let me put it this way .........

In the UK if you enter a bank and try and rob it it is 7 years in jail ..........

If you are a banker and steal everyone's life savings .......

You get rewarded with a bonus .........

The system punishes those who are not at Elite level .........

And grinds fast and true to rob and punish anyone in the lower classes who have anything at all ............     

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Thanks for the comments

Thanks to everyone who made a comment.

I will address a few of the comments raised.

If this was the case and you cared about your father rather than finger pointing at britain, why talk with people on this forum rather than with your lawyer. I sense malicious Intentions on your side.

I am posting here for a number of reasons :

1. Some of my friends in China believe that the UK is a great country with a free education and health system and that its people have the right to free speech and that its government defends that right. I intend to use my right of free speech to highlight the injustice face by its people and to highlight the hypocrisy of its politicians. If that is being malicious then I stand guilty as charged. For the time being as a British national I am free to raise my voice in protest although the introduction of anti-terror legislation following the so called US 'war on terror' could be used against me other than that a 'super injunction' used be rich celebrities to hide their extra-marital affairs from the media could be used :)

2. By highlighting the injustice faced by my father whose name is STAN on various forums around the World I hope to bring his case and that of 1000's of other people like him to the attention of people. Politicians in the UK should create laws that serve the public interest not laws that are used for oppression and seizure of assets of the frail and vulnerable.

I don't think he realizes that there really is an issue here based on fleecing the elderly even though they paid for care within their working life contributions. Bankrupt Britain is snatching any wealth it can to pay for their losses given to bankers and the Elite

At the other end of the scale, scroungers who never do a days work in their entire lives can get benefits, pension credits and free healthcare when they're old and senile.

Well said by someone who obviously knows how the British system works and in whose interest it operates. The ideals behind the British health and welfare system was to protect people 'from the cradle to the grave' but only in time of hardship. It was never created to provide a life time of benefits to scroungers. As a result the system is bankrupt but rather than face up to reality and admit that politicians would rather lie to buy votes so it taxes those who work and save to give to those who don't. The only reason my father was forced into a care home is that he has assets. The care home is a private organization so not only does the government benefit the care home owner does as well. It is in effect robbery and imprisonment on the part of the State. Now we all know that being a democratic country the UK would never do such a thing

get a lawyer oneself,
as far as I got it, a successful lawsuit should usually be billed by the other side,
if necassary going up the Instances up to the EU.

In the meantime, if this was widespread in Britain,
why, as a Property Owner either wait for Due date / Seizure,
or spend it to avoid seizure,
why not just leave to Heir before Due date with lifetime residence right clause?

He does have a lawyer however mental health law is very complex and does not pay well so it is hard to find a lawyer willing to challenge the Government. A case very similar to my fathers did go to court and details of it can be found here Steven Neary case This case is exceptional in that it was reported in the media. It is normal in cases concerning mental health that they are tried in secret and never reported. So although State seizure of assets goes own the public are not aware of it.

Laws exist that prevent people in care homes giving their assets away to family or friends. Once you are taken into care the State can force you to sell everything to pay for your care. Just to remind you the State has shown no proof that my father is mental and he clearly states on the blogs that he does not wish to stay in the care home.

Oh he will not get a lawyer if the State says the old man is a cabbage ........ No money for that Old Boy

Again you have an excellent knowledge of the British system. Yes he will have to fund his own case I have been told that will cost a minimum of 100, 000 GBP (646,221 RMB) legal aid has been abolished by the Government (on cost grounds we are bankrupt after all) so now only the rich elite can go to court but then they have no need as they create the laws.

Inheritance Tax applies ................ Yes .............. They tax you on everything you earn in your life ......... And there is even a death tax

True. Inheritance tax can take 40% of your assets however once you enter a care home the State can take 100% of your assets. Don't you just love living in a democracy :)

The truth of my fathers case is that the State through social services are responsible for the death of his wife and for his forced imprisonment or as they call it 'deprivation of liberty' and are attempting to 'steal' his assets. They have not proved he is mental and  they have denied me access to him because I challenge their decisions and fight for his human rights.

For those of you who would like more details of his fight and the views of others please visit the following sites -

Background to his case

Care home refuse to talk

Care home prevent me talking with my father

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Human rights abuse in UK care home links

For a report into violations of human rights and critical of British social services please visit -

Human rights abuse in care homes

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Home health care does not exist in the UK?

I find that very strange.

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BBC Panorama investigative report into abuse in UK care homes video links

For a BBC TV investigative report into abuse in care homes you can watch the following videos on You Tube (I hope you are able to access it. I can not access YOKU)

Care home abuse video 1

Care home abuse video 2

Care home abuse video 3

Care home abuse video 4

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Originally posted by JFenix at 2011-6-25 00:19
Home health care does not exist in the UK?

I find that very strange.

the story smells fishy, indeed.
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