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English-speaking countries look down on Chinese people [Copy link] 中文

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This is like the 1000th post about "nation x looking down upon nation y"... but some people seem to be just too stupid to understand that nations are made up of people and people are not all the same. Especially when talking about the USA, you have to take into consideration that there are millions of Americans of Asian decent - and I'm sure they don't say "we are very male, but Asians with another passport are not!"

I feel chinanumber1 just has an inferiority complex - nothing more. And that has nothing to do with nationality, just with mental health.

@peterssonsv: personally, I feel England, Germany and Sweden are very similar in a lot of points, especially when it comes to culture - the USA, however, seem to be very diffrent. You can see that also in the way people think, especially considering the welfare system: while European countries insist on a strong social responsibility of the governments, Americans seem to value freedom above all.

What makes you feel that there is such a big diffrence between Swedish and German thinking?
From what I've experienced, I would say that people all around the world are the same, if they are living in the same situation. A Chinese economist has much more in common with a European economist than with a Chinese farmer...

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Originally posted by chinanumber1 at 2011-1-25 15:39

I am not blaming the white people.

I love white people.

I love the white Swedish/Dutch/German people , the white French/italian people,  the white Polish/Russian/Serbian people,  the  ...

The feeling is mutual im sure, cockroach.

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Originally posted by mechanic at 2011-1-25 16:22

This post should be shown to every Chinese citizen so that they can learn what the Anglos are like.

"Anglos"? That's strange, when Hollywood is controlled by Jews.

Perhaps you mean Jewish-Anglos or Anglo-Jews.

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Originally posted by St_George at 2011-1-14 21:04

We didn't tell YOU to learn English you volunteered-presuming you're Chinese yourself-which i doubt.

Nah, she is definitely not. Just trying to muddy the water here.
We are all prisoners of our own device.

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send chinamen and englandmen to my asylums.......... .........   

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at present,why do many chinese elite immigrate english-speaking countries?

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Originally posted by chinanumber1 at 2011-1-14 20:51

All the white Anglo kids should learn to speak Chinese.

Chinese is the language of the future.

China will soon have 5 times the financial,  political,  economic and military power of Am ...

i think chinese people look upon all english speaking people as americans, in the uk, chinese are liked,admired and respected,so i hope china dont try to be like the uk /usa/germany/japan, whos countries tried to rule the world, but all failed ,china may well become the world powerhouse,but by staying peaceful, will earn the respect from the whole world,we all know that war can only bring death and destruction to millions of innocent people on all sides

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