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U.S. war crimes [Copy link] 中文

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Yep, real brave, are the U.S. GIs

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Compliments of U.S. "smart" bombs

Yep, real "smart".
Fallujah 7.jpg

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And the victims...

... of U.S. "smart" bombs.

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Originally posted by baofeng at 2010-12-14 21:49

Dr Nawal Majeed Al-Sammarai ( Iraq Minister of Women's Affairs 2006 -2009)

An "Islamist"?

No.  I'm talking about the extremists that use terrorism.  It's not only a waste of time, it defeats all purposes.

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Iraq is a Self Cleaning Oven

November 27, 2010 posted by Bob Nichols

Soldiers – Ours, Theirs. Civilians. It makes NO Difference!

(San Francisco) – American Expeditionary Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan use only the best weapons money can buy and American ingenuity can dream up. For twenty years that meant weaponized uranium poison gas and aerosols, a.k.a. “DU,” according to the Pentagon, weapons contractors, university weapons researchers and the political leadership of the United States.

Were they Right or Wrong? Not all military officers, experts and politicians agree. They say there are weapons and systems that shoot farther, faster and more accurately than the weaponized uranium oxide rounds, shells, missiles and bombs.

It makes no difference. Uranium is unique and it gets the nod from American leaders every time. Over twenty years of uranium warfare, with no end in sight, hundreds of thousands of tons of uranium oxide munitions ended up as uranium smoke, dust and shrapnel in Iraq.
It makes no difference, it is all still in Iraq or on Earth somewhere; it did not go to the moon.

It makes no difference to weaponized uranium poison gas whether it is shot, fired or dropped. Even just burned up in giant multi-billion Dollar ammo dump fires; the lethal aerosols are still circulating in the air, maiming and killing the enemy. Uranium oxide is the metal that burns at the drop of a hat or an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) round, in the cases of the big ammo dumps.

It depends on your point of view whether or not this is good or a problem. The Pentagon says the uranium weapons are not a problem and that uranium shrapnel is heavy and falls to earth within 50 meters of where it strikes.

Lawyers who are specialists in the International Law of Armed Conflict, War Crimes Law to the rest of us, say the uranium smoke, dust and shrapnel must be able to be turned off when the battle is over.

Too bad. Uranium gas is a radioactive and electrically charged poison forever. No way uranium smoke can be “turned off.” There is no getting around that. Four Presidents said, in effect, “Go for it, anyway.” The Pentagon did just that. Nuremberg war crimes trials be damned.
Here’s just the Pentagon’s list of uranium penetrators in 2002 as compiled by Colonel Wakayama:
Depleted Uranium (DU) Munitions

COL J. Edgar Wakayama


Depleted Uranium (DU) Munitions
The following ammunition contains DU cartridge penetrators:
A675 MK149 20mm
A676 MK149 20mm
A986 M919 25mm
A983 PGU-20 25mm
A979 PGU-20 25mm
B102 PGU-14 30mm
B103 PGU-14 30mm
B117 PGU-14 30mm
B128 PGU-14 30mm
C523 M774 105mm
C524 M833 105mm
C543 M900 105mm
C783 M827 120mm (Not fielded)
C786 M829 120mm
C380 M829A1 120mm
C792 M829A2 120mm

Major Doug Rokke, US Army Ret., was the theater wide Health Physics Officer working for General Norman Schwarzkopf during the First Gulf War and then was the Director of the Pentagon’s Depleted Uranium Study in 1995-1996.

Major Rokke is characteristically more blunt: “Uranium weapons are killing our own troops.”

Meanwhile, take your guess as to why successive Administrations chronically underfund the vital services provided as a part of the historical promise of a “grateful country” to US Veterans. Then, as a result, some of the men and women in Congress “try” to “fight” for Veterans’ programs.

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"Uranium weapons are killing our own troops" they are also killing the children that would have been fathered by those troops. Future generations, of Americans will be paying the price for centuries to come.

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Originally posted by baofeng at 2010-12-14 21:58

Don't need to.

What's your book going to be called:

"Why I Hate Moozlems", by Jay Gooseberry of Black Mountain?

Best seIIer, for sure.

Yo Bluey, you actually trying to write a book? Need help? Sounds like a good title.

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