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Swiss antagonist of minarets embraces 1slam [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by cbcronin at 2010-12-8 22:39

Sufi are extremely tolerant and good hearted.... much in the same way that early Christians were; it is usually the case for people who are persecuted.

It is only when those groups become the  ...

There are varying opinions on this but many say that Sufism is the internal practice of Islam. When a religion becomes popular and advocated my the state you see many people who join the religion but don't practice it internally. The first category I would call spiritual people, and the second religious people.

It's my experience that spiritual people tend to think alike regardless of what religion they belong to, And they tend to be tolerant. The reason for this, I think, is that even though two different religions may appear much different the internal practice is often much the same.

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Originally posted by Hairman at 2010-12-8 23:30
As mosques have been demolished in Israel, Iranian Jews are free to worship in their synagogues.

Unfortunately In the West now many people are focusing on the faults of the Arabs and largely ignoring the faults of other religious groups.

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People Want to Know

Still in the midst of all of this negative propaganda and bad press, non-Muslim people were curious to learn more of this "cult" of Islam, its people and their beliefs.
Books about Islam and Muslims were disappearing off the shelves of the bookstores faster than they could replenish them. Unfortunately almost every single book was written either by a non-Muslim or authors from the various deviant sects of Muslims.
So the people were still not getting the real message of the true Islam.     

Websites, chat rooms, email and message boards became alive with information (and misinformation) about Islam, Muslims, Quran, Muhammad, peace be upon him.
Some people wanted to know the truth, others wanted to hide it.
Discussions and arguments about what Islam is about and what Muslims do were very common place.
This was the most exposure that these subjects had ever had in the world at one time.

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Reply to cjamesyee's post #25

I'm not sure what you are getting at. Are you suggesting that Sufi Islam is a deviant sect? If so, how is it deviant?

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Originally posted by kyosan at 2010-12-10 00:48
I'm not sure what you are getting at. Are you suggesting that Sufi Islam is a deviant sect? If so, how is it deviant?

Of course it's a 'deviant' sect.  Just think about it. lslam is about blind obedience and submission, why introduce crazy ideas about spirituality?

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Originally posted by emucentral at 2010-12-9 14:16

Funnily enough, they used to.
Arabs invented Algebra and taught a lot of science and mathematics to our European ancestors.
Sadly many of their societies then descended into the dark ages o ...

Well,you also have to give the Greeks and Romans some credit. A lot of their works survived and were used in the IsIamic world while they were burned and forbidden in the Christian west.Sure, in the 12th century IsIam was on its height....but since then moved backward.
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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