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I have the following feedback to make on the topic by OP Rana on Africa, World Cup and neo-colonialism:

Let me give a little bit of some background to our understanding of Africa. Our understanding of Africa can be made easier if we are allowed to use a little knowledge of science, genetics to be precise. In scientific terms, an offspring of a union between a European parent and an African parent is a “hybrid child”. Genetically, the hybrid child is neither a European nor an African child. It is now a mixed race child, a European-African Hybrid. The ‘hybrid’ child or the mixed-race child will now carry a mixture of both European and African genes what a layman calls a mixture of both European blood and African blood in its veins. Since the sixteenth century millions of European-African Hybrids have been introduced into Africa by the Europeans.

European –African hybrids are people of mixed European and African ancestry. They are people of many different skin colours/complexions depending on the ratio of the European and African genetic contents. They may range in complexion from a near African to a near European.

European power and hegemony is used to draw leadership for the African countries from this elite group of European–African Hybrids. In short, the Europeans left Africa at the time of de-colonisation in the 1960s but power as well as privilege was left safely in the hands of their hybrid relatives by blood who still continues to pillage and control Black Africa on behalf of the Europeans.

This background was introduced to show the readers that Black Africa does not have a monolithic group called Africans. Africans is a term that is often used cleverly by deceptive writers to hide some truth. Black Africa is made up of European-African hybrids (who hold the monopoly of power which is exercised through Mulatto Oligarchies) and many indigenous native populations who are excluded from the political process. The indigenous native peoples of Africa (who are scientifically not members of the European-African Hybrid group) naturally love freedom and hate oppression very much. Contrary to the popular myth in the Western media, the native people of Africa don’t love Europeans who have abused, exploited, and humiliated them and exercised slavery and oppression over them for centuries. Those who have studied the history of Africa in detail in fact dislike European powers and their doctrine of White Supremacy which has made European policies towards Africa very racist and genocidal.

On the contrary, it is the European-African Hybrids in Africa who love and adore Europeans and for good reasons too. The Europeans have made Black Africa a mulatto paradise for their hybrid relatives. It is this European-African Hybrid group, this privileged elite group that gives a false impression of racial harmony between Europeans and indigenous native populations of Africa. It this privileged mulatto group that is always preaching integration and reconciliation between the so-called black and white. I am not sure if the world is aware that oppressed people of Africa have no voice in the world media. The so-called Africans you see in your countries as diplomats or ambassadors, or on CNN, BBC World or more recently on CCTV News are mostly European-African Hybrids and the majority of them often carry a Western opinion on matters of race-relations.

Finally, there is one misleading statement in the article “Africa, World Cup and Neo-colonialism”.  The statement says: “The pillage continues, only that it is now carried by Africans themselves for the benefit of their former colonizers.” The truth is that the pillage is supervised by mostly the European-African hybrid leadership in Africa that has been imposed on the native populations by the European powers and their institutions (World Bank, IMF and WTO) and in some cases by direct European military interventions as in West Africa. If the rulers of Black Africa were one bright day to come from the native population itself, the rulers were to look like the people they rule, the rulers were to carry the aspirations and dreams of their people, common sense would dictate that the African resources be used to feed their people first, and only the excess would be sold to outsiders at market prices.

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