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The case for mixed blood [Copy link] 中文

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There is a prevelence of many posters to rant about the importance or righteousness of one race  or another. Of one streamlined belief or another. In most cases any posts dealing with race, nationality or ethnicity devolve into name calling and slander.

I put forward that the only way forward for humanity is if we put aside our backward notions of race and super culture. Science has shown us that when bloodlines are mixed the chance of hereditary defects is lessened, the chance of positive traits is increased and the general health of humans increases.

The same logic extends to our belief systems. When people have a tunnel vision view of how the universe works and how it should work we only achieve argument and social instability. We are human and we have no way of scientifically knowing if there is a higher power or not. Until then we cannot say that others are wrong and that we alone are right. It is simply not plausible.

The ability for humans to love one another cannot be underestimated, however, the fear of change prevents those in power from encouraging us to learn more of others beliefs', the fear of loss of power makes them scare us away from it.

There is no reason to be afraid of the unknown, there is no need to be afraid of change. Without change there is only stagnation and crippling slow death, not only of bloodlines but of our entire race.

For centuries humans were kept seperated from one another by natural obstacles, mountains, seas, deserts. No longer need they bother us as we can join hands with our brothers and sisters around the globe. But to do that we must listen to one another and learn the cultures, respect the history, and honour the contributions that our fellow humans have made to the human race and the planet as a whole.

There is no limit to what we could achieve if we forego our earthly fears.

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No comments from Correction, or Wetaco, or even Sarahcn......I am dissapointed. I had hoped for a lively discussion but maybe my ideas make too much sense to be debated.

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Reply #1 - Mixed

Interesting post, vg. Humans have a natrual preference regarding intermarriages between ethnic groups, and each group will maintain its self identity and flaunt its best characteristics. But mixing is not a process that can be imposed upon.The Chinese nation as a whole has assimilated and mixed with many ethinic groups across a land the size of Europe and over thousands of years. Even in the United States today, the numerous ethnic groups maintain much of their self identity and cultures.

As for different beliefs and thoughts in the world, they will always be competing with each other. Some are used for political and ideological purposes. Some make for healthy exchanges of ideas. Some die out because they lose out in the competition.

The world will be a better place if peoples seek to learn from each other, rather than trying to dominate others.

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Xinhai, thank you for a very balanced outlook on the situation.

I completely agree that mixing should never be a forced process, that would be even worse than "purity" of race. We are blessed with an ability to choose for ourselves what we want and in most cases we choose what is best for us. Our hearts do know what we need and I think humans are drawn towards people that best suit them, even if that suitability sometimes conflicts with what our structured society expects.

As far as maintaining cultural beliefs and identies, I think it would be a great loss if everything was blended into a bland mess of similarity. I think that the example you gave of cultures in the US is perfect. Even though people of different skin colour and history live together they can still cherish the individual cultures that have helped them to come to the current age.

Many on the forums spend a great deal of time putting down "others" under the pretext of paytreeotism(sic) or a moral high ground when it seems to me they simply hate what they don't understand.

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Divide et impera

The divide and rule tool is too valuable for the imperialists to forego.They will use the differences between
ethnic groups to promote hate and suspicion as required by the military industrial complex.9/11 was a
classic example.As were the string of false flag black ops that followed.The NWO now has it's permanent
profitable wars in progress and has created an Orwellian global fascist police state.

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Surprisingly Petera, I agree with you, howver, it is not only imperialists who use this tool but also seperateests, trrists and warmongers the world over, even within the broad range of general race, asian, black, caucasian, there are undoubtably those who would incite hatred due to personal differences or twisted ideology. These individuals play the card of "us against them" but all they are really doing is saying. "I'm your only friend, you should follow my parade of hatred."

Many of the wars that occur are the result of wedges being driven between humans based on differernces that are for the most part superficial. The people that urge war between xtrins and mslms are fools, on both sides. What is needed is to take a step back and recognise that the mono-thesiatic (sic) religions are usually held a s peaceful and there is room for worshipp  of all in a manner that is both peaceful and fulfilling.

Petera's fear of an orwellian nightmare will only come to pass if we all those who seek to shatter our unity of species and instead seek an aggressive unity of race/religion.

There is no need for Cain to be slain by Abel, there is only the need to move forward together.

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