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Censorship is good [Copy link] 中文

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Every society needs a group of people constantly criticizing government.

In China, some newspapers and internet already play such roles, anyone who knows Chinese and visited Chinese websites knows that.

The line in China you cant cross is that you are not allowed to push multi-party system, HanHan never cross that line, hence he is safe.


On the other hand, there are some people whose profession is criticizing government, they are, in a word, A$$holes.

Let me give an example :

a writer criticized chinese government building carrier, claiming that the money should be saved to help poor people.

Sound 100% perfect, right ?

but what if chinese government is not capable of guarding those south sea territory, what would he say ?

Such people are typically called "mouth bigger than his butt".

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In a word, the censorship people here talking about is not criticizing government, it is about challenging the power of CCP, or speak directly, replacing or overthrowing CCP.

What democratic advocates didnt realize that there are hardly any people thinking the system in China is good, the problem is that if the idea you suggest is convincing, or what can your idea bring onto our table ?

Please remember : CCP took over power not by waving some papers of communism, but by giving the peasants the lands.

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I will take you as one of those "democratic" advocates in Hongkong, and I am not from Hongkong and never have any interest in Hongkong except it is a vivid example what democracy can bring to people.

You guys have done great jobs that brought the dirty politics into every ordinary home in Hongkong, just like the first 30 years of PRC that politics dominated people's life.  A country or district has no chance in future when politics dominates the life of people, look at Tailand, look at Taiwan.

Image that Taiwan now had been like south Korea, with car industry and ship industry entering the world market, the people in China would have had far more confidence in so called western democracy. If the 26 kilo railroad had been built in Hongkong as quickly as in mainland, the people in mainland China would have believed that everything couldve been done under western democracy too.

see what I mean ? dont try to beat me on internet, the final winner will always be economy. If, one day, people in mainland China enjoy a better life than people in Taiwan, majority of people in Taiwan will not mind that Taiwan joins mainland, democratic or not.

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BTW, Seneca,

On land acquistion, did you notice that most problems now are happening in inland ?

That is exactly what happened in alongsea area in 90s and early 2000s, while those area were under construction. What I am telling you is that such problems are short term problems, as people will eventually benenfit from those constructions.  

The only problem that CCP will have trouble to deal with is corruption, and I 100% support those who constantly bash government officials for corruption.

Now, let me give you an advice :

No one gives a damn about CCP, you want to overthrow CCP, fine, just tell me what you can bring to China. dont litter around with "human right" , "voting","free speech", blah, blah, blah. West has realized that, didnt you noticed that now DL was no longer a big issue ?

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