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Volvo sale deal to Geely about to be inked! [Copy link] 中文

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Everybody hope their country to be even robust!

After CHina entering into the WHO, the globalization speed became more and more fast. It was reported that China merged into lots of foreign corporation in recent years. But how about the result? As i know, the high tech they sales, mostly are the second-class or end-class tech, it's almost like lots of rubbish.

I think all of you maybe known that when PC tech had became popular in 1990s, almost all of Chinese people  thought it's high tech, but finally ,we found that was rubbish, electric rubbish. And the result may cannot need point-out!

Now Geely merged with volvo, like before, we purchase the so-called new  and high tech, but in fact that is not.  As a Consumer, i think the modern and  main-stream auto-model maybe the most fuel-save, environment-protect and humanization machine. To be honestly, safe is also the most important factor as a consumer should considering, but i want ask all of you, how many cars have safe-problems when they stay in auto-bank wait for sale. As i know, almost not a single!

The so-called safe-problems, which is for the ignorance of the traffic rules, if they don't follow the traffic rule, they will face the Security threats.

In my opinions, Geely should learn from BYD, which is depend on the electric-auto design, account for China's auto market. But not spend 1.6 billion U.S. dollar to purchase a under deficit situation, so-called first-class brand, a pile of rubbish. 1.6 billion if don't know how to burn it, donate it for Yunnan-the driest place in this world maybe a good choice, that's all.

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Originally posted by hongtaiyang1 at 2010-3-29 22:36

in this age, everybody also need think globally while doing thing down to earth

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Originally posted by cestmoi at 2010-3-29 06:53

Sure, China can make jeans, but they are not Levis.

Chinese wrist watches are value for money, but they are not Omega or Rolex.

Volvo and Saab have their own niche markets.

For once I agree with Cestimo!
It's your lucky day Cess, go buy yourself a lottery.  

Volvo is a good  GLOBAL brand.
The price paid by Geeley is not cheap, but acceptable if they can turn Volvo around.

Geeley didn't rush in, but negotiated well, which is more than I can say for the other Shanghai buy of the British GM.... a facking total waste of money that was!
So was Lenova's American IBM and TCL's French Thomson.

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The Rule of Thumb

in foreign purchase; just two :

Avoid any low tech manufactory plants; China is the world leader in this field.
Avoid anything British.

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Originally posted by longzhou at 2010-3-28 17:54
Congratulations to Zhejiang Luqiao Geely Co.!

As one of your long term supplier and friend I am very happy for this news. We hope that you will strive for excellency as you did handeling a small ...

Well VOLVO cars are known as the safest cars in the world

If you crash in to a Train that is travelling at 700 mph> the train driver  will die but you (because your are driving your (slug) VOLVO will not have a scratch on your body

Well, China has never heard of health and safety.

So if you buy a VOLVO in two years time>>>>>>>>>>WATCH OUT FOR TRAINS

Chao Ren (VFP)

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Originally posted by tianyuyang at 2010-3-29 10:29
I am afraid: Volvo brand! Geely quality!

Volvo and Geely will be run as two independent companies although under the same "roof".

As I said in one of my previous posts, this is a win-win situation for both parts; Ford could not keep Volvo any more in the current situation and Geely will be crucial to achieve a better prodction costs. Geely on the other hand had little option, either than this one, if they wanted to go "global". Volvo is a respected brand and little needs to be said avout the reliability of their vehicles.

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Reply #25 ocrazyo's post

Volvo cars are HEAVY, and high fuel consumption!
but i reckon it's better than the HUMMER.....

I am sure Geely will take advantage of the Volvo brand to do some Geely rebadged cars into Volvo for export market....
otherwise, not much of a use for fuel guzzling vehicles....
especially today's US$80 a barrel oil....

Green DRagon
Game Master

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