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@@China introduce retaliation bill if labelled as currency manipulator by US@@ [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by interesting at 2010-3-22 14:54
Go ahead. That would just create perfect pretext for the US and Europe to simply embargo China outright rather than use tariffs.

Notice how I posted a list of US comapnies, you immediately think US and Eu, or the whole damn western civiliation.

This is ain't the the Alliance of 8 during the Opium War.

then go ahead Embargo outright, China then -freakin selling nuke to Iran and Venezula .. Give NK the dilivery vehicle technology. This will the day massive nuke proliferation.  The west wants nuke nonproliferation because wants to control the world.   This will the day that type of controlling no more. The day of equality.  See who has the ultimate ace card.     The west wants to play rough. China can play 2x rough.

When facing the threat from the west, Mao's ideas has to make a comeback.

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Reply #12 cestmoi's post

Tell that to BRITISH EMPIRE when President Hoover, President Roosevelt planned the destruction of the British Empire!

and the "containment" of Germany and Japan!
the story is well told, written......
the BIG CAPITALIST in old style USA helped create a financial crisis post 1929.....

with a bloody simple CRISIS!

We have to be prepared to take any STRATEGIES from the rival powers!
A rising China, means a challenge to the United States!

First world war occured because GERMANY, ITALY, AUSTRIA also wanted COLONIES that the Portugese, Spanish, Dutch, Belgians, French and Great Britain had! Russia was expansionist because it wanted a "round the year" seaport!

Avoid talking, doesn't prevent it.....
Talking about it, will create the POPULAR MOVEMENT in the USA against crisis creation!

Green DRagon
Game Master

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What we can do is to come to a NEGOTIATED agreement!

A global agreement that protects the interest of all parties!

and with minimal lost of influence for each BIG POWER, space for big 2nd tier power to expand!

Green DRagon
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In the past, post Mao victory in China....

...The American Regime sacrifized some 100,000 of it's soldiers trying to "contain" China in Korea and Vietnam!

so, being CAREFUL is vital for both China and the American Regime!
The Last time, it felt Uncle Mao's peasant army was a pushover, kind of ZHENG HE advantage over the hungry HENRY the Navigator parable story!

The American Regime was much more careful with the Soviet Russia and use COLD WAR, Uncle Sam infiltration, propaganda to destabalized the Russians!

Green DRagon
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I love how Anti's response to trade war is incoherence.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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Originally posted by wetac0s at 2010-3-22 09:52
I think China should sell weapons to Cuba, puerto rico, and mexico.  Also, China should support the Hawaiian independence movement.  If America wants to play unfairly by meddling with China's neigh ...

Lol, girl, you are so should have your own show own are better than Dave Chapelle.

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