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How to Control Your Emotions

Have you ever felt that your emotions take you for a ride when you actually, really don't need them to do that right now? Well there are ways of controlling your emotions whether you get too excitable or if you are really hurt and feel like falling to pieces.



1. Put your emotions into a "box theory". This is when you get whenever you feel sad or hyper. Make an imaginary box and visualize your emotions going into the box and the lid being closed. This is good because it allows you to forget about those emotions for a while, but beware not to let them fester in there because when they escape there will be an emotional over load and you wont know what to do. This is a short term emotional control for quick fix situational changes.


2. Control your emotions mentally. Mental control is the best if you are remembering a situation or are in a situation where you need to keep in control. An example would be a relationship break up. Emotions are part of your state of mind, and with enough mental control you can choose how you feel. Say to yourself 'actually i dont want to feel like this, i want to feel like this', and although the other emotion may still linger it will die down and eventually you wont feel it as much.


3. Start the day in a positive way. Nobody wakes up and thinks, "Today I'm going to have a really awful day". Most people wake up and don't even think about the day ahead. Try this: "Today is going to be a good day?" This way, you start the day having a positive outlook on life. Try being as nice and positive to everybody and set yourself simple little tasks during the day, for example, "Today, I shall eat five pieces of healthy fruit or vegetables" or "I shall smile at that boy or girl I have liked for ages".

  以积极的方式开始一天。谁都不会醒来,考虑着:“今天,我要过一个很糟糕的一天”。多数人醒来,甚至不会考虑眼前的一天。试一试这个:“今天将会是美好的一天吗?” 这样,你就以对生活保有积极展望的方式开始了一天。对每个人尽可能有好和积极,在一天当中,为自己安排简单的小任务,例如,“今天,我要吃五种健康的水果或蔬菜”,或:“我要朝我喜欢了数百年的男孩或女孩微笑”

4. Talk about how you feel. The best way to solve something that's upsetting you is talking to someone, even if its your dog. Talking about things helps to make things clearer and tends to help your brain sort out situations.


5. Scream. Find a wide, open space where you are not likely to get a lot of attention and shout as loud as you can.


6. ""Just talk to yourself when you feel more calm."" When you feel that you can talk to no body, just talk to yourself, and maybe that would help you feel more relaxed.


7. ""Punch a pillow."" When you are angry, or you need to let your emotions out privately, just go into a closed room, where nobody will bother you, and let your stress come out sometimes. Punch a pillow, and it will slowly put you in a calm position.



- If one of these doesn't work try another. If none of them work, then maybe you just need to ride it out.


Things You'll Need

- A good sense of exactly how you're feeling.

Happy 牛 Year~!

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-- Melanie Beck

When a woman requested a whole roaster at the market where I work, the butcher didn't let on that the bird he presented her was the last one. "Do you have one that's a little larger?" she asked.


"Of course," said the butcher. He took the roaster behind the counter, away from view, and made a lot of noise rolling it around the ice as if he were searching for just the right chicken. He then showed the same bird to her.


"Better," she said. "Do you have one with a little more meat on it?"


He took the chicken, rolled it in the ice and offered it up a third time.


"Great," the woman said. "I'll take all three."


-- Mark Graham

During the recent blackout in New York city, my sister's phone at the ferry company kept ringing as people inquired about service. One caller asked if the ferry was running.


"Yes," she answered.


"How? There's been a power failure in New York!" said the caller.


"Don't worry," said my sister. "Our ferry's plugged into the New Jersey side!"

Happy 牛 Year~!

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